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Refused by Santander

Written By:
Myles Robinson - Expert Finance Advisor

Posted: Feb 13, 2023

Refused for a mortgage by Santander

Santander may have rejected your mortgage application. However, it is not the end of your homeownership dreams.

Our network includes specialist brokers that can help those in the same situation as you and those who are worried about being rejected for a mortgage.

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Has Santander refused a mortgage application?

We have your back, no matter what reason your Santander mortgage declined. This guide will help you understand what to do if Santander declines you. It also explains why it can happen and how a mortgage broker could assist you.

Contact us today to speak with a mortgage broker for free mortgage advice. We would then introduce you to a mortgage lender to begin a mortgage application. You may have failed a Santander mortgage application, but we will help you.


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What are Santander’s requirements as a mortgage lender

Santander’s mortgage lending criteria are almost as strict as those of other banks and building societies. However, you might have trouble getting approved if your credit history report is not good enough.

Bank rules lender criteria are also strict regarding self-employed customers with declining profits, nonstandard construction properties, and borrowers older than 70 years.

Santander may have declined you for any of these reasons. If so, or you think you might be declined, a mortgage broker can help you get your plans on track. This could be done with Santander or another lender that has more flexibility.

Contact our mortgage brokers today. We provide mortgage advice free of charge and have several other mortgage lenders we can introduce you to for mortgage approval.


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What should you do if Santander has declined to mortgage you

Here are some steps to ensure your home-buying plans remain intact if Santander has declined your mortgage application.

  • Do not rush to submit another application.Many customers denied a mortgage from a high-street bank lender make the error of hurrying for a second opinion. This isn’t the right way to go. Without expert guidance, it’s impossible to ensure you approach the right lender the next time. Having two rejections in a very short period could cause credit history damage.
  • Learn why Santander won’t approve of you
    Santander’s decision can help you rectify any problems with your application or prepare you for them in the future. Download your credit reports to see the problem and correct any errors. If Santander declined you due to a problem with the property, be sure to ask for any survey reports.
  • Send us an enquiry to find the perfect broker and mortgage approval.
    If you have been rejected by Santander or are afraid they will reject you, it is a good idea to speak with a mortgage broker who can introduce you to a specialist lender for tailored advice.
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If you need expert advice, contact us immediately

  • There are one or more defaults in your credit report
  • Any type of bad credit is considered bad, especially a CCJ
  • You are buying a property that is not standard construction
  • Are you 65 years old or older
  • Self-employed with losses in the past year
  • Your risk appetite is higher, e.g. you gamble occasionally.


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Common reasons Santander refuses mortgage applications

  • Recent defaults

Santander declined mortgages to many people who have defaulted in the past year on credit commitments. Although they might say that you must wait until your default is resolved for at least 12 months before you can reapply, this is not always true. Our network has strong working relationships with mortgage lenders that can accept customers with older defaults.

  • Construction not standard

Santander will accept mortgages for many unusual property types. They are one of the more flexible high-street lenders. However, certain types of ‘non-standard’ construction are considered deal-breaker, and they often give an outright “no” when they are present. Santander might have offered you a mortgage in principle but declined your request when the survey results were in.

This could be because non-repaired prefabricated reinforced concrete and single-skin construction were both found. Santander does not lend to these types of construction because of their underwriting criteria.

  • Age limits

Santander is a strict lender when it comes to the upper age limit. Customers approaching 70 years of age are unlikely to be approved for a mortgage. The maximum age they will accept mortgage applications is 69. In most cases, they prefer that the mortgage term does not extend beyond your 75th birthday.

  • Self-employed with a loss during the past year

Self-employed individuals might find that Santander offers them an agreement in principle. However, Santander will withdraw their mortgage offer after they have reviewed its finances. Santander will not consider offering a mortgage for a self-employed professional who has suffered a loss in the past 12 months.

  • The history of gambling

Santander is cautious about mortgage applicants with a history of gambling, just like many banks on the high street. According to their criteria, applicants who engage in “frequent and repetitive gambling transactions” will not be eligible for a mortgage. Santander is not the only lender that will be strict about this.

  • Other reasons

Santander may decline your mortgage application for several reasons, including bankruptcy or needing support from a guarantee. However, it doesn’t matter what reason you had. We can match you up with a broker who specialises in helping customers overcome the issue, regardless of why they declined your application.

Our brokers don’t discriminate. No matter your background or the reasons behind your rejection, the brokers we work with will tirelessly help you achieve the desired outcome, whether it’s a Santander appeal success or a better deal elsewhere.


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We can help you solve these problems with Santander

Santander may decline to grant you a mortgage if you have any of these issues. However, a good mortgage broker can help you get your needed financing.

Santander has occasional deals available to brokers within our network. However, if you do not meet their criteria, they may be able to help you find a different mortgage provider that meets your needs.

Match with a broker that specialises in recovering mortgages from Santander

The best way to turn a rejection into a mortgage offer is to seek advice from reputable mortgage brokers. Your broker can help you decide whether to renegotiate your Santander loan or open a new application with a lender that better understands your needs. This will increase your chances of getting a favourable outcome.

Our broker-matching service is free and will ensure that you are introduced to an advisor who can help customers who have been declined by high-street banks and lenders every day.

The right advice can help you save time and money and damage your credit score. Contact us now for mortgage lender refusal advice


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