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We make everything about mortgage affordability super easy

We have a wide range of guides on mortgage affordability that can help you decide what you can afford for properties in the UK. Speak to one of our expert mortgage affordability advisors now, get your quote below:

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One application for everyone. Great credit, credit-challenged or somewhere in between, with our mortgage applications, everyone fills out the same application. It’s one form for everyone. It’s that simple.

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Full guides on mortgage affordability

Getting the right mortgage for you is super important so it’s essential that you know what you can afford to buy before looking at the property market.

We have extensive guides on mortgage affordability so you can make the right decisions however if you need some extra help, our expert mortgage advisors can guide you along the way.

Just click the button below and we will get back to you today.

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We have over 200 lenders

We provide a range of affordable mortgages

Having expert mortgage advisors on hand means we can help you decide what you can afford in super quick time.

All you have to do is contact us and we will give you your options on what’s available for your circumstances and how we can help.

We always aim to get the highest affordability, although you do not have to take the highest mortgage possible. Get your advice by clicking the button below:

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You can borrow from as little as £10,000 or as much as £250 million
Available from mainstream lenders to private investments
Short to long repayment terms available
Within 10 minutes we will call you to discuss your loan
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The Loan Corp Guarantee

We offer a wide range of mortgages both in the UK and overseas, of which we guarantee to help you source the best mortgage rates and products tailored to your specific requirements. If we can not help then it is unlikely that anyone else can.

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Advice on mortgage affordablity