Bridging Loans And Bridging Finance

Bridging Loans are a perfect solution to finance a range of asset purchases and short term lending solutions. They are used for both personal and commercial clients ranging from £10,000 to £250 million in value. We have access to over 200 bridging loan providers in the UK of which all have varying rates and capabilities for bridging loans and finance solutions.

Whether you are looking to bridge on a new property or get funding for auction finance, we are on hand to help you with even the most complex of cases. We sometimes can even make the bridging loan work better for you and turn the bridging loan into profit by working how we mange the financing.

Bridging Loans and Bridging Finance

Bridging Loans are useful due to the rapid time that a loan application can be paid out. In cases where you are looking to purchase a property for example, a mortgage would take months to complete. A bridging loan can be paid out in as little as 2 days. This offers you fast access to cash to purchase your desired property or asset.

The Process of a bridging loan is outlined below.

  1. Submit your information on our website
  2. Within 10 minutes we will call you (opening hours apply!) to discuss your loan
  3. We find the best and most suitable lender for your circumstances, then send over the proposal
  4. We arrange a valuation in super quick time
  5. The lender will instruct a solicitor
  6. You sit back whilst the lender compeletes the required searches and checks
  7. You will then complete and sign the required documents
  8. Funds are released to you on completion, usually within 24 hours of completed documents.

Usually a bridging loan application takes 3 weeks to complete but we have lenders who can regularly complete within 1 week without rushing the application. If you are in desperate need we are able to complete within 48 hours, at no extra cost.

It is imperative to use a company that are experts in bridging finance. The expertise of the staff and mainly solicitors are the driving force behind a smooth and stress free process of application. Many solicitors will take on your bridging case but as they may not specialise in bridging finance loans, they can cause delays whilst they research.

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    Personal Bridging Loans

    Personal bridging finance loans are taken our mainly for a property purchase when you are waiting on the sale of an existing property. A bridging loan enables you to purchase another property and use your existing property as security of the loan until the sale completes.

    Some other personal bridging loan possibilities are for home renovations such as extensions or annexe. Many of our clients require bridging loans so that they can go to an auction and purchase a property quickly and finance this with a bridge while their mortgage application goes through.

    We can provide bridging loans on both  1st and 2nd charge loan basis’s, usually secured on an existing property or asset.

    Commercial Bridging Loans

    Commercial bridging loans are available for property, asset financing, land purchasing, tax and cash flow solutions and much more. We can arrange commercial bridging finance loans secured on both existing commercial assets and also secure against personal assets.

    Many of our commercial clients come to us for a bridging loan for development loans and asset purchasing such as machinery. As long as there is a solution to secure the loan, whether that be the asset that is having the bridging loan taken out on, or anything else.

    We are sure to be able to provide commercial bridging finance solutions for even the most complex of cases.

    Development Bridging Loans

    If you are looking for development finance we are experts in bridging loans for developments. We can help you find a bridging solution for complex developments for both personal and commercial clients. We work with many professional and one-off developers who are requiring finance for a new project.

    New build properties, renovations and barn conversions are a regular reason why our clients require a development bridging loan but we can offer finance for any type of development finance. Most of these types of bridging loans are secured against development.

    Contact us today to speak to one of our specialist bridging loan experts, or use our development loan calculator to get accurate costings.

    Auction Finance Bridging Loans

    Auction bridging loans are the main reason why so many people can purchase at auctions, especially higher value lots. Property, machinery, cars and much more can be bridged through auction bridging loans. They offer flexibility to be able to purchase auction deals with cash and cement a fast turnaround on the sale.

    The bridging finance agreement will be either secured on the auction lot but sometimes the cash is secured as a first charge or second charge on an existing asset or property. We can offer extremely quick bridging finance for auction purchases, some even completing within 24-48 hours with no inflated APR or fees to pay.

    Contact us today to finance your next auction finance purchase.

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