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Mortgage property types explained

There are a wide range of mortgages that are for different categories of property types, so this section gives you many different property types you can get a mortgage on in the UK, and your options if you need one.

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One application for everyone. Great credit, credit-challenged or somewhere in between, with Loan Corp, everyone fills out the same mortgage application. It’s one form for everyone. It’s that simple.

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Property types guide with Loan Corp

Whether you are looking for an apartment mortgage or a thatched roof mortgage, our guides will give you information on properties that are not typically bricks and mortar mortgage applications.

If you need help getting a mortgage we can help you with free advice and expert brokers we can pass you to specifically for your requirements.

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What we do?

We make property types super easy

We use tech to make your mortgage process super easy. We can get everything we need from you in one form which enables us to get your broker on with your mortgage really quickly.

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You can borrow from as little as £50,000
Available from mainstream lenders to private investments
Short to long repayment terms available
Within 10 minutes we will call you to discuss your loan
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We aim to find you the best finance we can at the best rates possible

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The Loan Corp Guarantee

We’re not backed by big funders as we want to build our business from the ground up which enables us to create systems that are user-friendly.

Our tech-based systems give us the flexibility to give lightening speed outcomes for our customers.

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Our Guide

Advice on property types