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HSBC Bridging Loans Guide

HSBC bridging loans are for residential purposes only therefore do not provide short-term finance for commercial or development financing. Having access to an HSBC bridging loan gives you the much-needed wiggle room to balance your finances.

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How it works

How To Get A Bridging Loan From HSBC Bank

With HSBC, if you want to move into a new home but have not sold your existing property yet, a bridging loan can “fill” that financial gap in the short term. While HSBC bridging loans UK may work for your needs, we’re optimistic that there are better alternatives for you.

If you use our services as your finance broker, we guarantee whole-of-market access and the ability to connect you with lenders that are the right fit.

Advantages of HSBC Bridging Loan

Going through HSBC or us for a bridging loan to secure a mortgage on your property? You can reap these advantages:

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Availability of short term loans amounting between £10k and £250 million
Come up with fast cash to purchase auction property
Resolve cash flow issues immediately
Take control of your bridge loan and exit simultaneously
Flexible long term or short term repayment
Benefit from the lowest bridging loan rates in the UK.

Why this Loan?

Use Our Bridging Loan Calculator To Compare To HSBC

To give you a comparative view of our rates, use our bridging loan calculator to know property finance options and bridging rates we offer versus HSBC and other large banks.

Just type in the required information (property value, purpose, etc.) and the bridging loan calculator will cough up interest and monthly payments, as well as your final exit amount payable when you complete your loan.

Expect our expert brokers for bridging loans to contact you 3 months before the completion of your bridging finance to put an exit strategy together. We have a wide range of bridging finance lenders with access to over 200 UK lenders.

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What's the catch?

HSBC Bridging Loans – Should You Get One?

Still, it’s a myth to think that going directly to large banks is the ideal trajectory for bridging loans. Oftentimes, their service entails complicated loan processes and stringent lending criteria. We offer both commercial bridging loans and domestic bridges alike.

The best way to secure a bridging loan is through a master bridging loan broker with wide market access and strong partnerships with private lenders. We compare bridging loans from a range of providers in the UK and overseas for the best rates possible for your loan.

Besides, HSBC bridging loans can be restrictive. For now, they are applicable only if you reside in Hong Kong. If you are in the UK, bridge loans from this bank are no longer available.

Property Development Loans HSBC – Can You Get Them?

You can get property development loans from HSBC bank however you may not get the best rates due to them only offering products from their small range of short-term finance solutions.

If you are looking for a development loan for personal property, then it may be worth contacting HSBC bank but we would always suggest using a master broker such as us, to compare the full market and secure you the best rates possible.v

Should I Contact HSBC For Bridging Loans?

It’s not our policy to discourage a customer from going directly to a high street bank like HSBC. Yet, we advise that you rethink your position and seek the assistance of a bridging loan broker instead.

Here at The Loan Corp, determining the best bridging finance solution for customers is our speciality.

Our competent team of 28 advisors live and breathe bridging loans. We are a customer-centric organisation devoted to matching you with the perfect UK-based lender in accordance with your finance needs.

How Can You Help Beyond Bridging Loans From HSBC?

When it comes to loans, we know time is of the essence. The Loan Corp has more than 200 partner bridging lenders. We can process the simplest cases in just 24 hours, which is practically unheard of when dealing with banks.

We thrive in complexity – and we’ve dealt with our fair share of the most complex loans to buy land and complex mortgages imaginable. Therefore, if we can’t get you a lender, chances are no one can.

How Do I Get A Bridging Finance Loan?

Bridge loans are used for various financing purposes such as property, commercial bridging loans, and even personal and refurbishment loans. Many homeowners selling their current homes are getting bridging loans to finance a new home while waiting for the existing home to sell.

On the other hand, you can also use a bridge loan to fund interim expenses while waiting for long-term financing.

Our Process

Securing financing for your land, asset, or properties is no longer a tall order. Bridging loan providers like us have simplified the process for you.

Please fill out our contact us page with your information. After verifying and possibly contacting you for more information, we determine the best lenders for you based on this information.

Once this is completed, we contact the appropriate lenders and get back to you with preliminary indicative terms (bridging loan rates and other fees).

We ask you if you’re satisfied with the offer, and if you answer in the affirmative, we submit your request to our underwriting team.

If approved, your loan application will be processed. We then submit all required documents to the lender for their final approval.

Lastly, a solicitor checks your case, and if you agree to the terms, your loan will be approved, and your bridging loan paid out to you!

Can I Get An HSBC Bridge Loan Through You?

Certainly, you can! We at Loan Corp ensure a quick and painless application process for all property transactions, services, and user experience and guarantee that you get the most suitable lender considering your unique circumstances!

Contact Loan Corp

You deserve the best lender. Hence, your success is our main goal at Loan Corp.

We carry out this mission with our teams of committed brokers, solicitors and admin staff working every day to maintain advancement and precision in customer application even during a coronavirus crisis.

Contact us now to get fixed rates on your bridging finance loan.

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