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We are brokers for bridging finance loans for personal and commercial clients with access to over 200 lenders. Whether you are looking to purchase a new property, get development loans, get auction finance or finance other assets if we can not help it is unlikely that any bridging loan broker in the UK can.

Loan Corp can help you finance a wide range of possibilities for both personal and commercial clients. We offer bridging finance loans for new properties, asset financing, auction finance, development finance, land purchases and much more. If you can secure the asset you are purchasing we are more than likely able to fund you. We have access to over 200 of the best bridging loan lenders in the UK so you can be sure we will access the whole of the market as we are a master bridging loan broker.

Our brokers have decades of experience in the bridging finance sector as well as both the regulated property finance services and unregulated also. We provide a seamless service and help make your lending decisions and process as simple and efficient as possible. We take the hard work out of bridging financing so you can provide only the necessary information required to get your loan underwritten and paid out one time and within budget.

We deal with the simplest and most complex cases of bridging loans you could imagine, so be fully prepared for us to be able to get your finance in place when other bridging finance brokers may not be able to. We have said to our clients many times if we can’t find a solution for you, it’s very unlikely that any other UK bridging loan provider can. As a whole market master broker, we can even pass clients for bad credit bridging finance loans.

Please note that we will never credit check you on submitting your details to us. We will simply pass your details on to our dedicated brokers for either personal or commercial bridging finance and then an FCA registered advisor will call you to discuss your application in more detail. Only upon agreement of the loan terms and underwriting stage would we credit check you, but even then you would be asked permission to do so.

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