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Refused by Natwest

Written By:
Myles Robinson - Expert Finance Advisor

Posted: Feb 13, 2023

Refused for mortgage by Natwest

Natwest has declined your mortgage application. Perhaps you are certain that they will reject your mortgage application and endanger your homeownership plans. We can help in any way you want!

Contact our mortgage brokers today for free mortgage advice, we will introduce you to mortgage providers whose lender criteria you will meet to begin a mortgage application.

Let us start by reminding you that a mortgage declined with Natwest will not mean the end of your journey to achieving your dreams.

You can read our guide to learn what to do if your Natwest mortgage application declines.

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What are Natwest’s requirements as a mortgage lender

Natwest is stricter than other mortgage lenders regarding bad credit history. They don’t typically offer mortgages for customers with debt management plans, poor credit file or mortgage arrears.

Their mortgage approval rate is comparable to that of most UK high street lenders. They conduct thorough eligibility checks and due diligence about affordability and reject applications that do not meet set criteria.

We can provide mortgage advice free of charge and match you with mortgage lenders to receive the best mortgage offer on the market. Even if you have a bad credit report, we can help.


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What should you do if Natwest declines to mortgage you

Here are three steps to keep your homeownership plan on track if Natwest rejects your mortgage application.

  1. Do not reapply. Keep your horses! While it may be tempting to submit another application immediately, keep in mind that too many requests can adversely impact your credit score. A mortgage broker can help you determine the best lender to approach and how long it takes to wait before approaching them.
  2. Learn why Natwest decided no
    You can gather all the information about your rejection to help you plan a solution for any issue Natwest may have. If there was a problem with the property, ask for a copy. You should also download credit reports to ensure they are up-to-date, regardless of whether bad or good credit is behind your rejection. This could help boost your prospects and give you an idea about what Natwest saw in your credit history.
  3. Send us an enquiry to find the best mortgage brokers for you.
    Talk to a mortgage broker if you have only one option after a Natwest mortgage rejection. In such a case, professional advice is the best medicine. It also helps to convert the rejection into approval.We’ll quickly match you with a mortgage broker who has been thoroughly vetted after reviewing your circumstances and your Natwest application. Our mortgage providers are here to help.
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If you need expert advice, contact us immediately

  • You can deposit 5%
  • Some form of bad credit is possible
  • You recently moved or are changing jobs.
  • Payday loans have been used in the past
  • You are buying a non-standard property
  • You’ve been rejected and don’t know where to apply next.

Get Expert Advice from a mortgage broker.


Why does Natwest stop making mortgage applications

  • Too little deposit

When this article was written, the maximum loan-to-value (LTV) ratio for Natwest mortgages was 90%. You will need to deposit at least 10%, or they may decline you. Many first-time buyers and those with low deposits have been left out. However, don’t give up if this is you. It may be possible to obtain a mortgage without putting down more than 10% elsewhere with the right broker.

  • ‘Severe’ bad credit

Natwest may be strict with customers with bad credit in certain situations. It can be difficult to get a Natwest mortgage if you have a County Court Judgment (CCJ). Customers who are in debt management programs often have a mortgage application declined.

For borrowers who have defaulted or have too much debt, it’s the same story. Natwest usually considers this credit search “severe” and will decline a mortgage once the agreement in principle (AIP stage) is complete. If evidence of such a problem emerges during underwriting by the mortgage underwriter,

  • I just started a new job

You may be denied a mortgage loan if you have a new job or want to borrow money based on your salary. Natwest will usually require a pay slip as proof of your income. If you have just received a raise or promotion, the same rules apply to borrowing based on those earnings.

  • Use for your payday loan

Most mortgage lenders don’t like payday loans. This is especially true for Natwest, which will not approve a mortgage application from anyone currently paying one. Natwest will not approve you if you have a clear debt record. Even then, you will be subject to rigorous mortgage underwriter scrutiny as questions about your money management and mortgage repayments will likely be raised.

  • Problems with the property

If there is a problem with the property, Natwest may decline to approve a mortgage offer. It could be because of the construction. Natwest will not lend to properties that are constructed with prefabricated reinforced concrete. BOPAS accreditation (Buildoffsite Property Assurance Scheme) is required for any property classified as non-standard construction. The property type could also be the culprit. They don’t lend to modular homes, for instance.

Some people get a Natwest mortgage that is subject to valuation. However, the deal can collapse after the final survey checks are completed.

  • Other reasons

Natwest may reject a mortgage application for a variety of reasons. You might be under the age limit, have made an error in your application, or have deposited from a source Natwest doesn’t accept. Talking to a broker who specialises in mortgages will help you find a solution.


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How a Mortgage Broker can help you with these issues

If you feel Natwest is likely to decline your mortgage application because of these issues, getting financing approved with the right mortgage broker is possible.

Our network has brokers who have occasional access to Natwest deals. However, if you don’t meet their criteria, they might be able to help you find a different mortgage provider that meets your needs.

Match with a broker that specialises in salvaging mortgages

It’s easy for people to become discouraged if they reject your mortgage application from Natwest. A good mortgage broker can help you approve your application or find an alternative lender more likely to approve it.

Our broker-matching service is free and will match you with the right broker based on your circumstances and needs. This advisor will have the experience and knowledge to find you the best mortgage deal, whether it’s a renegotiated deal from Natwest or a new agreement with another lender.

We’ll match you with a mortgage specialist who assists people who Natwest has declined. You should speak to them immediately to ensure you get mortgage approval.

A mortgage advisor can discuss a mortgage application declined, credit applications, self-employed mortgages and anything else you may require from a specialist broker.

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