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Online mortgage quote

Written By:
Myles Robinson - Expert Finance Advisor

Posted: Feb 16, 2023

Online mortgage quote

Use a detailed sourcing system to compare mortgage quotes across the UK. Based on your personal information, you can instantly get an online mortgage quote. An online mortgage calculator can give you estimated prices.

We would highly recommend speaking with a mortgage broker, they have access to all the best mortgage rates and mortgage deals. A mortgage broker will introduce you to mortgage lenders to suit your needs.

We can offer free mortgage advice with no obligation when you enquire today.

Use our online mortgage calculator now as a guide

Use our online mortgage calculator as a guide for your monthly repayments now

We are expert mortgage brokers

We have access to over 200 lenders in the UK to get you the best rates

Get your Quote

A mortgage broker will compare the best mortgage rates

Select the type of mortgage loan you are interested in, then click on the “Do I qualify” button beside the mortgage lenders of your choice. Enter your details and hit the “calculate” button to get a quick mortgage quote.

The mortgage calculator tool can provide a rough estimate of how much you could borrow. However, it is a good idea to speak with a broker in the whole market before you do this, as it could save you valuable time, money and free mortgage advice.

How can I get the best online mortgage quote from a broker?

Our brokers are all-of-market and can help you find the right lender for your circumstances and needs. To get things moving, you can send an enquiry to us. We will ensure to give you best the mortgage deals and mortgage advice. We can introduce you to a mortgage lender who will discuss the mortgage term and monthly repayments and compare mortgages.

Are online mortgage quotes reliable?

Mortgage calculators can be helpful if you need a rough estimate, but it is important to seek specialist advice.

Although most online tools are comprehensive, they can sometimes fall short regarding simpler things.

You might be told you are eligible for a mortgage, but they may also tell you there aren’t any available. However, someone with local experience may be able to help you find a mortgage deal.

If you have poor credit and are applying for a mortgage, it is important to find a mortgage broker who has a good understanding of the criteria used by lenders. Sometimes, these factors will be overlooked in sourcing systems.

Our section contains more information about obtaining a mortgage with poor credit.


How to apply for a mortgage

Applying for a mortgage is a difficult task if you are thinking of buying a house. Although you will need to fill out many forms and provide lots of information, you must be prepared.

How can lenders verify that I can afford a mortgage loan?

Lenders will calculate your household income, including your basic salary and any income from freelancing, second jobs, or other sources, such as benefits, commissions, bonuses, and base salary.

The process of determining affordability is more complex. To ensure that you can afford the monthly repayment mortgage, lenders will take into consideration all of your household expenses and spending, as well as any loans or credit cards.

They must also stress-test whether they can afford mortgage repayments at rising interest rates.

After you submit a formal application, they will conduct a credit check with the credit reference agency to review your financial history and determine how risky lending might be for you.

How to prepare your application

Contact the main credit reference agencies to review your credit reports before you apply for a mortgage. You must ensure that there is no inaccurate information. This can be done online via a paid subscription or one of the many available free services.

One of the three major credit rating agencies can help you assess your credit score.

How to apply for a mortgage

Collect all documents necessary for your mortgage application. These documents could include:

  • Utility bills
  • You can prove that you have received benefits
  • Your employer may send you a P60 form
  • Your last three month’s payslips
  • To prove your identity, you will need a passport or driving license
  • Bank statements for your current account from the last three to six months
  • Statement of accounts for two to three years from an accountant if self-employed
  • If you earn from more than one source or are self-employed, fill out the SA302 tax return
  • Self-employed individuals should provide additional information regarding their tax returns, supporting what the SA302 states about their income. This includes bank statements.

Make sure you are accurate. Be exact.

If your salary differs from your payslips, you should not round it up.

Give details about the address of the property that you are interested in buying to the estate agent or your solicitor.

These are the basics. Some lenders may require more documentation.

Keep in mind that lenders may have different criteria regarding income and outgoings.

Ask your lender or independent mortgage advisor what additional information you may need.

It is possible that you might not be able to print out your online statements regarding your current account or utility bills.

Hard copies are required, or copies that have been certified by your solicitor, bank, or utility provider will be needed.

How you spend your money

You may need to document your outgoings, such as how much money you borrow on credit cards or other loans.

In addition to your household bills, you should also consider:

  • Utility bills
  • Council Tax
  • Insurance policies
  • General living expenses such as travel, childcare, and entertainment.

Are you considering remortgaging your home?

You might need to do affordability checks if you are looking to increase your mortgage size. If so, you will be advised which mortgage products would work best.

There are flexible options for those who have a mortgage but don’t wish to borrow additional money.

Are you looking for an interest-only mortgage?

Some lenders do not offer interest-only mortgages.

You must prove that you have a reliable repayment plan and meet the income requirements if you apply for one.

Calculate the total cost for your mortgage

The broker or lender will do this. However, make sure that they fully explain all charges.

Brokers may charge a fee to provide advice or receive a commission from lenders. During your first meeting, they will inform you about their fees and the service they offer. In-house advisers at a bank or building society don’t usually charge for their advice.

The total cost of a mortgage as a percentage will be displayed. This is an Annual Percentage Ratio of Charge (APRC), which includes any valuation fees or redemption fees. The APRC allows for a better comparison of the various mortgage deals.

It’s not just about the monthly mortgage payments. Budget for other expenses such as Stamp Duty and solicitor fees.

Get an online mortgage quote today!

You can visit our mortgage agreement principle page or apply directly. We will forward your enquiry to a broker who specialises in similar situations.

The advisor that you are passed should explain your options and make recommendations based on your objectives and circumstances. It is possible to save time, money, and marks on credit reports by being matched with the right lender first.

You can also request an online quote from a whole-of-market advisor by completing an enquiry or contact us today for the best quotes and rates.