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Mortgage with criminal conviction

Written By:
Myles Robinson - Expert Finance Advisor

Posted: Feb 13, 2023

Mortgage with a criminal conviction

A criminal record shouldn’t be a problem if you apply for a mortgage. It is important to get the right mortgage advice before you apply for a mortgage. A conviction on your record could result in you being denied a mortgage.

Contact our mortgage brokers today, we have a few mortgage providers lending to people with criminal records. We will ensure to match you with a mortgage lender to suit your needs.

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Finding the right mortgage lenders if you have criminal convictions

All mortgage lenders have their criteria, regardless of whether your convictions were spent or not. Some mortgage lenders may ask about criminal convictions. Others won’t.

Spending convictions must not be disclosed under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974. It is up to you whether or not to disclose any spent convictions.

Unspent convictions will be disclosed to lenders and mortgage advisors if requested. Although it is easier to obtain a mortgage after a conviction has been served, an unspent conviction should not prevent you from applying for one.

Over 11 million people in the UK have a criminal record. This article will help you if you are worried that you won’t get a mortgage if you have been in prison.

Our mortgage brokers have assisted hundreds of clients in getting mortgages, even in cases where the client was previously denied a mortgage.

We can help you navigate the mortgage process. This will ensure that you are treated fairly and could save you time and money.

For more information on how to get a mortgage with a criminal record, read our guide.

Enquire if you need advice on a mortgage with criminal records. Our mortgage brokers deal with people who have a criminal record on a daily basis.


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Is a criminal conviction a factor in a mortgage application?

It will depend on whether your criminal conviction has been expended or not. Some lenders may not allow you to get a mortgage if you have been in prison or convicted of a crime.

Speak with a mortgage broker to provide mortgage advice free of charge with no obligation.We will introduce you to independent mortgage lenders.

Can I get a mortgage if I have a criminal record?

Depending on your conviction, one lender might be willing to lend you money while another may decline to the mortgage you. The expert brokers that we work with can help you navigate this process. Discuss your specific circumstances with one, and they will do their best to help you achieve a positive outcome.

How to apply for mortgages with a criminal history

The method you use to apply for a mortgage depends on whether or not your conviction has been expended. If your conviction was spent, you don’t have an obligation to declare it, even if requested. This means you will be evaluated in the same manner as applicants without a criminal record. This applies even if your convictions have been expunged.

If your conviction was not expunged, you would be required to disclose this information if requested. You should also be open with your advisor and declare convictions as soon as possible.

Your mortgage advisors will work with you to secure a mortgage. Your criminal record will allow mortgage advisors to plan your application accordingly. Failure to do so will make it difficult for advisors to provide the necessary support.

While some lenders may ask you about your convictions, others won’t. It is important to inform your advisor before applying for a loan so they can choose lenders who aren’t worried about past convictions. This can help applicants get open mortgage deals to those without criminal records.


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How to prepare a criminal record-free application

Before applying for a mortgage, you should consult a professional such as a mortgage advisor if you have a criminal history.

Many applicants have submitted and received an agreement in principle, before being rejected later in the application process. You can avoid this by planning your application well in advance.

Every case is unique as criminal records can differ greatly. The course of action you take to plan your application may also differ. It’s important to consult an advisor who has dealt with criminal records. A qualified advisor will assess your situation and help you prepare your application.

Advisors can also help you understand which lenders are more likely to approve mortgages for those with criminal records. We can also compare the best deals to save you money.

Do you have to disclose an unspent conviction?

You should disclose any unspent convictions during your mortgage application. Lenders will take your failure to disclose information seriously if you don’t. It can negatively impact your chances of getting a mortgage in the future, so be truthful.

As we have already discussed, telling your mortgage advisor about your criminal record is essential. Your criminal history will not be disclosed to your advisor, making it difficult for them to locate you as a lender. Your advisor should know whether you are asked.

Your advisor may not ask you questions, but that doesn’t necessarily mean your lender will. This could cause mortgages to go through at the last minute. Be upfront and honest as soon as possible.

Even if you are approved for a mortgage, a lender may find that you lie. This could be enough to cause you to end your mortgage agreement. Your lender could also pursue you, which could result in another conviction.

Honesty is the best policy. Even if your conviction has been expunged, it is always best, to tell the truth when asked. Many lenders will lend to you even if your criminal record is not expunged.


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What does the type of conviction have to do with my mortgage application?

Your criminal history may be revealed to lenders if they ask you. Lenders may be reluctant to approve a mortgage if they have convictions related to fraud, money laundering, or other financial crimes. It’s not likely that your convictions for motoring offences will affect your mortgage significantly.

A conviction can affect your credit score and make it more difficult to get a mortgage. However, this doesn’t mean you should not apply for a mortgage if your credit isn’t good enough. Lenders will consider applicants with bad credit. There are also specialist lenders who only focus on cases with bad credit.

Lenders want to feel confident that you can repay your mortgage. Repaying your mortgage if you are convicted again will be a problem, particularly if you are incarcerated. An advisor can help you understand your options and provide guidance.

What is the difference between spent vs unspent convictions?

Many people are confused as to whether their conviction has been spent or not. This is important because it affects their ability to disclose their conviction legally.


A spent criminal conviction means that a sentence for a crime can be ignored under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974. This type of conviction doesn’t have to be disclosed by a lender.

The sentence received on the date of the prosecution will determine how long it takes for a conviction to become final.

A conviction that results in a fine will not be expended until one year has passed. However, a conviction with a sentence of 2 1/2 to 4 years can take seven years plus the length of the sentence to complete.

Unspent Conviction

Unspent convictions refer to records that have not been used within the defined time. They will be listed on a Basic Criminal Record Check until they are. A conviction for sentences exceeding four years (often given for more serious offences) will remain unpunished.

Unspent convictions refer to records that have not been used within the defined time. They will be listed on a Basic Criminal Record Check until they are. A conviction for sentences exceeding four years (often given for more serious offences) will remain unpunished.

Banks, mortgage lenders, and building societies must know about unreported criminal convictions. If you don’t, they could be prosecuted.

Your mortgage agreement and any insurance policies may be invalidated if your lender discovers that you have hidden a conviction.


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What can I do to check if my sentence has been spent?

Unlock is a charity that can help determine whether your conviction has been spent. Unlock, a national charity, provides support to people with convictions. This is often due to the stigma associated with a criminal record.

You can confidentially log in to their online disclosure calculator to determine if your convictions have been spent or not. You can also access advice, support and information regarding your previous conviction.

Can lenders check my criminal history?

Lenders allow borrowers to apply for mortgages ‘in principle’.

You may be asked to give details about any unreported criminal convictions when you apply. Your mortgage application could be rejected depending on the lender’s policy regarding borrowers with criminal records.

Some lenders may simply ask about your convictions to determine if you meet their criteria. This could result in an automatic rejection for other providers.

Are there any additional checks that I must pass to get approved by lenders?

You will need to pass the affordability check as you would with any borrower. These could include questions about your income, credit history, and employment type. These can vary greatly depending on your situation and the lender. If the lender considers you a greater risk than usual, you may be denied or approved.

Talk to a mortgage broker for more information on affordability.


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Is there a lender that will approve mortgages for criminal convictions?

There are lenders in the UK who are more likely than others to approve mortgage applications from borrowers with unspent convictions. Our brokers have extensive experience working with these lenders.

How can I apply for a mortgage if I have a criminal record?

You must find a broker who has successfully arranged mortgages for borrowers in similar circumstances to yours before you apply.

Brokers will often claim they have extensive market experience but cannot find the right lender for niche areas like criminal conviction mortgages. This could lead to unneeded mortgage rejections.

Our brokers will spend time getting to know you and find lenders that are more likely than others to approve your application.

Talk to a broker about a mortgage with a criminal conviction

A criminal conviction can make life difficult. Therefore, you don’t want to be burdened when it comes time to apply for a mortgage.

We work with brokers that specialise in criminal convictions. This helps to save customers time, money, and potential disappointment.

Contact us now for a no-obligation chat. Or enquire online. We’ll connect you with one of these brokers.


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