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About Loan Corp
and how it started...

Loan corp offers a range of finance and loans for both commercial and domestic use. From bridging loans, land purchasing to mortgages and buy to let finance.

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A story awaiting to be told...

The Loan Corp story so far...

Here at Loan Corp, we give customers access to our huge investment in tech-based systems to enable the most straightforward application process for a range of commercial and consumer finance.

Covering the whole of the market, our slick tech matches you to one of 565 staff at the other end of the application, which directly API’s into them on submission, giving you immediate response times to all enquiries.

Once a customer applies and hits the appropriate broker for your requirements, your application is backed by tech, automatically updating you at every stage of change.

We have removed human interaction for notifications to increase the speed of response and application processing and, ultimately, speed up the delivery of your funding.

How it started

Why was Loan Corp started?

At the end of COVID-19 in 2021, Myles Robinson, founder of Loan Corp, decided that applying for his mortgage was tough work and still quite a manual process. Change was needed.

Many of the existing websites that offer financial advice are long-established and quite frankly, stagnant. There was an opportunity for a tech-based lending platform to fill the gap in the market for a whole of market service, whereby we can showcase our skills once an enquiry is submitted.

Gone are the days of waiting for updates on applications. Our tech updates the very millisecond that we change a status of an application, so there’s no need to wait for an update ever again.

Loan Corp was originally a bridging finance specialist with a boring and standard website. It worked, but it wasn’t the level of excellence that we wanted for so long…

…generating simple form filled leads that were then emailed to our brokers. Pretty simple, effective, but really boring

It was generating lots of enquiries and causing us some headache to keep customers updated. The website also looked like something from 1990.

It had to change. Quick.

So we moved offices from our first building...

Into our lovely prime high street location with much more space, closer to those all-important sandwich shops. *if you visit us we know the BEST!

...Then the real work started

We then wanted to step up and product a best-in-class experience for our users. We started to plan and build a whole of market commercial and consumer finance offering, so after brainstorming, Loan Corp was born.

It then went from a pretty naff website to a slick website, looking more like this on going live.

Once the new site was live, we built a slick back-end which is fully tech-based and automates everything that takes time for a person to do manually.

We have custom built a suite of analytics, with multiple reporting functionalities in real-time so we can keep track of logs, enquiries and data securely held.

Then we created our own application portals on the front end of the website so that user experience is world class, making it super easy and secure to apply.

Loan Corp has been intensely built since the aftermath of COVID-19, in an unstable economy, as well as seeing 3 Prime Ministers in its short lifetime.

Interest rates are also at a record high since the 1980s, so it’s super tough for our brokers and customers.

However…. We are growing rapidly, with many new customers daily using our platform to access the best deals we can find you with a panel of over 400 lenders on hand, ready to discuss our applications.

Featuring record-high, double-digit growth month on month, and the best thing is that no matter what happens, our APIs and tech can handle any amount of applications every day.

Backed with over 565 staff, directors and management in place who have a wealth of knowledge in finance, our customers are in seriously talented and experienced hands.


COVID 19 success story

How much funding has Loan Corp recieved?

The question we always get asked is, “What VC or private equity company funded the start-up of Loan Corp?”

The answer is No one; it’s boot-stapped. (Meaning its owners fund it)

That’s right; Loan Corp is financed by itself because we back the tech and the company as directors and shareholders, even in such a poor time to launch a financial asset.

We are taking on the market and letting our slick customer service, ease of use and tech do the talking.


In the press

Does the press talk about Loan Corp

As with most businesses with huge plans, we get coverage.
See some of our articles in top news sites below:

Content Creator

Who writes the content?

We work with expert financial writers, in-house and fact checkers such as the well-known Emma Lunn

Emma Lunn

Emma Lunn

11:49 8 April 2011

David Nicholson

11:49 8 April 2010