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Refused by Nationwide

Written By:
Myles Robinson - Expert Finance Advisor

Posted: Feb 13, 2023

Refused for mortgage by Nationwide

Nationwide, like most high-street lenders, will not offer mortgages to people who don’t meet their criteria.

However, if Nationwide has declined you for a mortgage or you believe they will, it’s not a sign that they are done.

Although it can be difficult to accept a loan, you may still have options. You can read our guide to learn what to do if Nationwide has declined you or is about to.

Contact our mortgage brokers today, you will speak with an independent mortgage broker who will offer free mortgage advice and match you with a more suitable lender. A mortgage approval will be out there for you, don’t be disheartened if you have had a mortgage declined by nationwide.

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Is Nationwide a strict lender of mortgages?

Nationwide is roughly the same as high street lenders, but they are notorious for declining customers with bad credit history or unsatisfied debt management plans. They may also require income verification and will not approve applications from self-employed people with less than two years’ accounts.

If you feel you are likely to be disqualified by Nationwide, keep your head up and remember that a broker can help you find a more flexible lender.

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What should you do if Nationwide has rejected your application

  • Do not rush to re-apply

It’s tempting to rush to find another lender in hopes that things will be different than with Nationwide. But, there is no guarantee that it will happen if you don’t know the market. You could get the same result if you rush to submit another mortgage application. Too many rejections in a short period could cause credit damage and make it difficult to apply for finance again.

  • Learn why Nationwide declined to offer you a mortgage

If you have the time, it is worth it to review all the details surrounding Nationwide’s rejection. This will allow you to correct any errors in your file and optimise it for the next time. You should also try to find any reports and surveys that were done.

If you have a tight schedule or cannot find the necessary information, skip stepping three…

  • Send us an enquiry to find a mortgage broker.

For advice on your options, a mortgage broker is your best option if Nationwide has turned you down for a loan or you are concerned about their actions.

A broker with the right knowledge and experience will give you the best chance to save your mortgage dreams, whether it’s by appealing to Nationwide or any other lender. A mortgage application is not simple, but we are here to help. We will offer tailored advice.

Our broker-matching service is free and will consider all the factors that led to your rejection. It will then match you with the best expert to solve the problem. You will be working with an experienced mortgage advisor who has helped others in similar situations to you.


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If you need expert advice, contact us immediately

  • You have a bad credit history, such as bankruptcy
  • There is very little or no history of previous addresses.
  • You can get additional income from bonuses or overtime
  • Self-employed, with one year’s account
  • I already had your mortgage application rejected

Expert advice is important if any of these apply to your mortgage applications. These are the most common reasons Nationwide refuses mortgages. An expert broker can help you find a more accommodating lender.

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Common reasons Nationwide to reject mortgage applications

  • They believe the property is not worth what they are paying

Many home-buyers are disappointed to find their Nationwide mortgage application declined. This is usually because the property’s value was less than the mortgage they applied for. These circumstances are not common, and lenders won’t lend to you. They might have to pay more if the property is repossessed or sold.

Nationwide will perform a standard valuation to assess a property’s overall value and condition. However, they won’t share that information with you, even if your application is rejected. You will need a structural survey or an independent homebuyers report to see the performance of your potential property. The latter is ideal for a thorough inspection.

  • Have a history of poor credit

You rejected a Nationwide mortgage agreement in principle if your credit file is not satisfactory. Some types of bad credit, such as CCJs or county court judgments (CCJs), are acceptable for Nationwide mortgages. Others can be deal-breaker. After a hard credit file check, most borrowers with a debt management program are rejected.

Nationwide will accept mortgage applicants who have satisfied debt management plans. However, not all people can delay their plans until they have paid off their debts.

  • There isn’t enough address history

Nationwide’s eligibility criteria clearly state that applicants must provide at least 36 months of address history before being considered for a mortgage. It’s OK to be disappointed if this is the case. However, some lenders don’t require this amount of address history.

  • A mortgage that is based on income & commission

Many people make a substantial portion of their income through commissions and bonuses. They would need a lender accepting these income forms to get the required mortgage amount. Nationwide might not be the right lender for you if this is you. There’s a good possibility that they will accept your application if they haven’t already.

  • If you are self-employed but cannot provide two years of accounts

Nationwide offers a variety of mortgage products to self-employed individuals. However, you will likely not be able to qualify if you don’t have at least two years’ income records. Nationwide requires you to have at least two years of income before they will consider you for mortgage approval.

  • Other reasons

Nationwide may decline your mortgage application for reasons beyond those we have listed. It is important to remember that Nationwide can still assist you, no matter the circumstances surrounding your mortgage rejection.

Our network brokers are open to helping customers who have been denied mortgages. We have experts specialising in almost every issue that could derail an application. We’ll match you with the right one.


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How a Mortgage Broker can help you with these issues

Nationwide may decline to approve you for a mortgage if you have any of these issues. However, getting the financing you need is possible through the right mortgage broker.

Our network has brokers who have occasional access to Nationwide deals. However, if you don’t meet their criteria, they may be able to help you find a different mortgage provider that meets your needs.

Talk to a broker that specialises in the reviving of declined mortgage applications

A professional mortgage broker is your best choice if you have had your Nationwide mortgage application denied or are concerned about it.

A broker with the right knowledge and experience can save your plans to buy your dream home. This could be through a successful appeal to Nationwide or a new application to a better lender.

A broker-matching service is offered at no cost. It will analyse your application and match you with the best advisor to help you turn it into a mortgage offer.

We have personally vetted this broker to verify their track record in helping customers who have been rejected from high street lenders.

We’ll help you revive your home-buying dreams today by setting up a no-obligation, free chat with a broker. Contact us now for expert help.


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