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£100,000 mortgage repayment example

Written By:
Myles Robinson - Expert Finance Advisor

Posted: Jan 5, 2023

Fact Checked By:
David Nicholson - Finance Editor

£100,000 mortgage repayment example

Customers looking for a £100,000 mortgage often come to us for advice and approval.

Many want to know the monthly repayments if they borrow a £100,000 mortgage.

Others aren’t sure how much deposit they will need for a mortgage. Some also want to learn how affordability will affect the term length.

All of these questions can be answered in our guide to £100,000 mortgages.

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What is the monthly payment on a £100,000 mortgage?

We are often asked by customers, “What are the average monthly repayments on a £100K mortgage?”. The answer to this question comes down to several factors.

Interest rates, for example, must be taken into account. They can differ from one lender to another, as they are based on credit ratings, affordability, and general eligibility. You should also consider the term length. The longer the term, the less you are likely to pay each month.

Use our monthly repayments calculator to get an idea of the cost of a mortgage for this amount.

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Calculator for Mortgage Repayment

The mortgage repayment calculator will tell you how much your mortgage payments will cost each month as well as overall.

Our calculator will calculate the total amount of your £100,000 mortgage and the mortgage term length, interest rates and principal.

Below is a table that illustrates how typical monthly repayments for a £100,000 mortgage loan can differ depending on these two factors.

These data are for illustration purposes only. Consult your broker or mortgage lender for the most current information and rates.

The interest rate you pay if you get a £100k mortgage depends on how far the lender is willing to take on risk. This will be determined based on factors like your credit score and the amount of deposit you can make. Our mortgage advice team will help explain the requirements for mortgage deals.

If you are still unsure how much the payments are for a £100k loan, please get in touch for mortgage advice today.

Our advisors will estimate the rate you may be eligible to obtain based on your circumstances, financial status, and eligibility.

Our mortgage advice team are authorised and regulated by the FCA.

Amount Term Rate £ / Month Total
£100000.00 25 1.8 £414.19 £124255.56
£100000.00 25 2.8 £463.87 £139162.35
£100000.00 25 3.8 £516.86 £155056.97
£100000.00 25 4.8 £573.00 £171899.09
£100000.00 25 5.8 £632.13 £189639.42
£100000.00 25 6.8 £694.07 £208221.63
£100000.00 25 7.8 £758.61 £227584.31
£100000.00 25 8.8 £825.54 £247663.02
£100000.00 25 9.8 £894.64 £268392.12


How does the term length impact the amount I will pay and the repayments?

Customers frequently ask us how long it takes to pay off a £100,000 mortgage. The answer will vary depending on the mortgage term length. The amount you can afford each month will determine the term for which you are able to get a mortgage. The bigger deposit you save the better deal you will be offered.

A longer-term mortgage usually means lower monthly payments. However, you will be paying more interest over the long term, which can increase the overall cost.

The table below shows, based on an average interest rate of 3%, how much you’ll pay for a £100k mortgage. It also illustrates how that will change over time.

These data are for illustration purposes only. For the most current information and rates, consult your broker or lender.

You can save substantial money with a residential mortgage deal taken out for a shorter period of time, as you can see in the table.

The overall cost of borrowing a £100,000 mortgage over 20 years is £133.200, compared to £142.200 over 25 years. This means that you would save £9,000.

In general, your ability to pay a monthly repayment and whether or not your lender allows you to take out a home loan for a shorter term will determine whether or not your lender will approve your mortgage.

Talk to one of our expert advisors for advice regarding your mortgage and the maximum amount of borrowing.

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Is it possible to get a £100,000 mortgage if you are self-employed?

You may need to borrow more if you are self-employed or receive a substantial portion of your income through supplementary sources such as overtime, commissions, and benefits. Each provider will have a different view on what is considered declarable capital.

This is why specialist advice is highly recommended for people with a ‘non-standard income’. Get approved below now:

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What is the minimum deposit?

Lending determines how much you can borrow compared with the property’s value. This is commonly referred to as the loan-to-value (LTV) ratio.

You will need to loan of 90% of the property’s value to your mortgage lender if you put down a deposit of £10,000 to purchase a property of £100,000.

For a UK residential property, the maximum LTV is 95%. This means you will need a minimum of £5,000 for a mortgage on a £100k home.

Some mortgage lenders might prefer that you put down more to reduce risk.

Is it possible to get a £100,000.00 mortgage without putting down a deposit?

Most UK mortgage providers do not offer 100% mortgages. You will need to deposit some money to buy a £100,000 property.

A guarantor can guarantee that you will get a mortgage without a deposit.

A guarantor mortgage will require the friend or family member who supports you to either secure the loan against the property they own or deposit a lump sum into a savings account that the lender holds.

The borrower may not be able to withdraw from the pot until the mortgage is paid off.

To learn more about guarantor loans and other options, send an enquiry and talk to one of our expert mortgage brokers.

How does bad credit impact how much deposit I can get?

We are often asked the question, “How much deposit is required to get a £100k mortgage for bad credit?

The answer will depend on many factors, including the lender’s willingness to take risks.

Some mortgage lenders may require you to deposit more than the minimum amount if you have bad credit.

However, this will depend on how severe your credit problems are, how long they have been on your file, and how closely you meet the other eligibility requirements.

These bad credit mortgages may still be available

  • No credit history
  • Credit score low
  • Late Payments
  • Unpaid mortgage payments
  • Payday loans
  • Multiple credit problems
  • Mortgages with defaults
  • CCJs
  • IVAs
  • Mortgages with debt Management Plans
  • Bankruptcy
  • Repossessions

A specialist lender may be needed if you have any of these issues.

However, if your adverse factors are not severe (such as low credit scores or missed payments), there is a good chance that you will be approved with the minimum amount of deposit or without having to pay much more.

Some providers may ask for a significantly greater deposit if there are severe problems, such as bankruptcy.

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Can I get a £100,000 buy-to-let mortgage?

If you can prove that the property is available for purchase and the lender has satisfied their affordability and eligibility checks, then there is no reason to refuse.

You should be aware of certain things when applying for a mortgage.

First, the deposit requirements can be higher than others, with some lenders expecting up to 25%. However, other lenders may offer a BTL mortgage with a 15% down payment.

Some providers also have minimum income requirements for BTL.

Not all lenders will offer BTL mortgages to borrowers who own and have lived in their homes for less than six months. However, some specialist providers may offer buy-to-let deals to first-time buyers, provided they meet certain eligibility criteria.

BTL mortgages can be obtained on an interest-only basis. Please see the following section to determine the monthly payments for a £100,000 interest-only mortgage.

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Is it possible to get a £100k, interest-only mortgage

Yes, it is possible. However, you will need to prove a viable repayment mechanism to pay off the debt in the end.

Interest-only mortgages are mortgages that only require the borrower to pay interest monthly and settle the loan amount after the agreement.

While most lenders offer 75% loan-to-value (LTV) for mortgages, others will allow for a more significant deposit requirement. Depending on the circumstances, a few lenders may go up to 80% or even 85% when the deal is low-risk.

Below is a table showing how monthly payments for a £100k mortgage can vary on an interest-only deal instead of a repayment based on 4.4% interest.

These data are for illustration purposes only. For the most current information and rates, consult your broker or lender.

You can find more information on residential interest-only mortgages and what lenders consider acceptable repayment vehicles in our article.

Or you can enquire today to one of our expert brokers about any mortgage deals that might be available, start below:

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Other factors that could affect a £100,000 mortgage application?

We’ve discussed the impact of your credit, income, and deposit on a £100k mortgage agreement. However, your success and the interest rate that you get might depend on these factors:

  • Your age
    Lenders may not deal with customers older than 75 because of strict age restrictions. Some lenders will lend to customers over 85, while a few others will loan to those who are older than that, provided they can prove their ability to pay the monthly payments.
  • The property type
    You might need a specialist lender if the property you buy has a non-standard construction. For example, thatched roof or timber frame – specialist lenders might be required as these buildings are considered high-risk. Learn more about nonstandard construction mortgages.
  • If you have another property
    Lenders may consider borrowers looking for a second home to be more at risk. They may have higher income and deposit requirements and may require more stringent checks.

To learn more about how to obtain a £100,000 mortgage loan. One of our advisors will help you find the right lender for your situation, start below now:

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£100,000 secured loan vs a mortgage?

Secured loans, also called homeowner loans or second-charge mortgages, might be an option for those who need capital but can’t or do not want to remortgage.

As long as you meet all the eligibility requirements, it is possible to obtain a £100,000 homeowner loan secured against your property. Lenders are generally more accommodating when it comes to affordability or eligibility checks.

Non-standard income or bad credit are less common than loan to value (LTV) criteria, which can be flexible.

Where can I find a £100,000 mortgage calculator?

Although there are £100k mortgage calculators you can use, the numbers they give you will vary across the range. Because lenders do things differently, this is why you might get different results from them.

Some lenders might use data like your credit score. Others base their output on your income and deposit and the interest rate, term length, and term length.

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