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£50,000 mortgage repayment example

Written By:
Myles Robinson - Expert Finance Advisor

Posted: Jan 5, 2023

Fact Checked By:
David Nicholson - Finance Editor

£50,000 mortgage repayment calculator

Here’s a breakdown of the monthly repayments involved in a £50,000 mortgage.

Use our mortgage repayment calculator to estimate the monthly mortgage repayments with this amount.

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Calculator for mortgage repayments on £50,000

The mortgage repayments calculator will tell you how much your monthly repayments will cost each month as well as overall.

Our calculator will calculate the total amount of your mortgage, the term length, interest payments and principal.



What is the cost of a £50,000 mortgage payment?

We can help you calculate how much interest rates and monthly payments you will pay if you are looking to borrow £50,000 to finance a £50,000 mortgage.

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What are the monthly repayments for this mortgage?

You can either use our online mortgage repayment calculator to calculate the monthly repayment or see the tables below for a £50,000 loan repayment.

The loan term and the interest rate will be divided into two parts.

You can contact our mortgage lenders today to discuss a £50,000 mortgage free of charge.

Our mortgage brokers are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and will offer you the best deals.

A mortgage advisor will help explain what you need to pass a mortgage application, interest rates, monthly repayment for a £50,000 mortgage, and any other required mortgage advice.

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Example £50,000 Mortgage

Here’s a mortgage example for a property worth £71,430 with a 70% loan-to-value and a £50,000 mortgage:

  • Property Value: £71.430
  • Value of a mortgage: £50,000
  • Loan-to-value (LTV): 70%
  • Initial mortgage rate: 1.44%
  • Mortgage term: 2 Years
  • Arrangement fee: £999
  • Lender incentive: £0
  • Monthly payment: £239.90
  • Cost of the first 2 years: £6,256.49

These rates are only for illustration purposes.

These rates should not be relied upon. Instead, get a professional mortgage advisor for a financial quote to help you with your £50,000 mortgage offer.

All values are shown in pounds sterling and valid for the given years. This value is the monthly payment for your £50,000 mortgage.

Please visit our mortgage calculator to see the rates and total repayments over the loan’s life and the total interest paid.

You can also choose different interest rates, loan terms, and times. For more information about your year-end costs, visit our mortgage calculator to calculate your mortgage payment.

No matter your reason for needing a £50,000 loan, you should seek professional advice from a mortgage broker (or an independent financial advisor) to ensure that you get the best possible advice.

They will help you choose the best product for your needs, whether it is a tracker, fixed-rate or offset mortgage. Start your application below now:

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Example calculations

The tables below show how much a mortgage for this amount could cost depending on several variables.

The monthly costs are broken down by term length and interest rates. You can also see the values of 50k+ loans if you are looking for a £55,000 loan.

These figures are indicative and may not be final. Lenders might offer slightly different values for loans of £50,000.

Is it possible to get a £50,000 mortgage?

Although you may be eligible for a £50,000 UK mortgage, this will depend on many factors such as your income, credit rating, age and type of employment.

Although mortgage providers’ income is a major consideration for £50,000, they might accept applicants with a lower salary.

Other options may be available if you want to buy or renovate a home. Send an enquiry to get going below:

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What is the minimum amount of loan I can get for a mortgage?

Although many mortgage lenders require a minimum loan amount to be £25,000, other lenders will lend lower amounts.

There may be other options for you if you need to borrow money to finance a renovation or purchase a property at auction. Talk to Loan Corp’s mortgage advisors to get more information.

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Expert advice for your £50,000 mortgage requirements

We can help you find the right mortgage or house if you’re looking at properties under 50k.

We can also assist you if you are looking for a £50,000 loan rather than a mortgage.

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