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We make Guarantor Mortgages super easy

Guarantor mortgages are becoming more popular year on year, so we’re here to help cut the jargon

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One application for everyone. Great credit, credit-challenged or somewhere in between, with Loan Corp, everyone fills out the same application. It’s one form for everyone. It’s that simple.

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Why get a guarantor mortgage?

Customers who do not have sufficient income to be eligible for a mortgage can apply for a guarantor mortgage.

If the borrower defaults on their payments, the guarantor guarantees that they will repay the loan amount.

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What do we do?

We make getting mortgages super easy

Online mortgage applications with a guarantor are not possible at the moment.

Guarantors must get independent legal advice. Before the case can be closed, an independent solicitor must confirm this in writing to Nationwide.

They cannot be released from their responsibility unless the borrower can pay the entire mortgage amount or the loan is fully repaid.

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You can borrow from as little as £10,000 or as much as £250 million
Available from mainstream lenders to private investments
Short to long repayment terms available
Within 10 minutes we will call you to discuss your loan
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Within 10 minutes we will call you to discuss your loan

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We offer a wide range of mortgages as well as other financial products in the consumer and commercial lending arenas.

One thing that we are really good at is making finance super easy and hassle-free for our customers.

We do this with tech and customer portals that look slick but work amazingly fast and accurate.

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