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Police officer mortgages

Written By:
Myles Robinson - Expert Finance Advisor

Posted: Feb 9, 2023

Police officer mortgages – How to get the best mortgages for police staff

Police officers may face many obstacles when trying to locate a mortgage.

A busy work week combined with a saturated market for police mortgages can make it hard to find a good deal.

It can be difficult to compare police mortgages without having access to exclusive deals that aren’t available on the high streets.

This guide contains all the information you need to find a mortgage for a police officer.

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What size mortgage can I get for a police officer?

The guideline for mortgage lenders is to set the maximum amount of most mortgages at four times the borrower’s salary. Being a police member is considered to be a low-risk occupation when it comes to mortgage borrowing.

Most officers see the force as a long-term career that offers strong promotion opportunities. A police force mortgage is truly a pleasure when compared to other more temporary careers that mortgage providers may consider.

We have a few mortgage providers lending up to 6x, 5x, and 4.5x to police officers.

The starting salary of a police member is below the national average, so this extra boost from mortgage lenders could help you buy a home on today’s market that was previously out of reach.

We offer you access to over 90 licensed and regulated providers under the Financial Conduct Authority.

We will help you find the best UK police mortgage deals.

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What are the mortgage options available for police officers?

Mortgage loans for police are not different from any other type of mortgage loan. Mortgage lenders may be more comfortable looking at police because they have a sense of trust and security.

Some products can be tailored to meet the needs of emergency services, even though there isn’t a dedicated police mortgage.

A police mortgage is not an actual product. Therefore, most lenders will require you to meet the same eligibility criteria as other borrowers. This is why you are best contacting a mortgage broker like ourselves.

However, your mortgage application can influence your police salary and work type.

You may have multiple options regarding mortgages as a police member.

You may decide that a repayment Mortgage is more financially feasible after speaking with an experienced broker who specialises in mortgages for police members or staff.

Talking to a professional mortgage advisor is the best way to understand which mortgage options are available to you.

For more information on the current mortgage rates and products available to officers, contact us today. We will introduce you to the right mortgage lender for you.

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Police mortgage schemes

There are not necessarily mortgage programs for police officers that are available to them directly, but there might be other mortgage options that could be of benefit.

They may also include:

Shared Ownership and Help to Buy

This scheme allows buyers to buy a portion of a property (25 to 75%) instead of buying the entire thing.

You can purchase the share of the home you don’t want, but until then, you will have to rent that part.

Equity loan to help you buy

This scheme can be very helpful for officers without a large deposit to secure a property.

Some of the Help to Buy Equity Loan Schemes require that a borrower deposits 5%. This is then increased by 20% by the government.

This raises the deposit to 25%. It means that there are more mortgage options available and sometimes better rates.

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What are the criteria for lenders when I apply for a police mortgage?

A mortgage provider might ask you questions and request evidence to help decide whether or not to lend you money.

  • Size of deposit
  • Income
  • Credit history
  • Age
  • Type of property
  • Types of employment
  • Number of dependents

Many borrowers are concerned about this, particularly if they have ever had problems with any of these factors.

It is important to keep in mind that every lender will have its own criteria to determine whether they are able to lend you money.

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What does my income have to do with my ability to obtain a mortgage from the police?

Many police mortgage lenders will carefully examine your income to determine if they’ll lend you money.

We will assess your income and source to determine if you are a good borrower.

Your income as a police officer is more likely to be a salary than a self-employed one.

This is a preferred choice by lenders because it indicates financial security.

Lenders are not comfortable lending large sums of money. Knowing that you have a steady income can give mortgage lenders confidence in your ability to pay your mortgage on schedule.

It’s important to note that lenders may offer a self-employed mortgage depending on your financial situation.

Is my time spent in my job affecting my mortgage with the police force?

Yes, you may be able to get a mortgage if you are less experienced than you were in your current job.

Because lenders consider new or shorter terms of employment less stable, this is because they don’t want to lend money.

While some lenders may require that borrowers have worked for more than three years, this is not always true.

Is it possible to get a mortgage when on probation with the police

A police probation mortgage application may require evidence of employment contracts. However, lenders may also be able to consider other factors.

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What maximum amount can I borrow for a UK police officer mortgage?

Rates and deals for UK police mortgages can vary depending on where you live, your financial situation, and your salary.

There are exceptions to this rule. However, most UK lenders will lend 4.5x the borrower’s salary.

If we took the average starting pay of a police officer in England or Wales at the time, which is between £19.971 and £23.124, most mortgage lenders would limit their lending to between £89,869.

The average salary of a police officer in the UK is £38,382, which can be risen to £38,382 in seven years. The average lender would limit the amount that you could borrow to £172,718.

What is the maximum amount I can borrow for a mortgage for a Scottish police officer?

Scots police officers start at a slightly higher salary than those in England and Wales. This means that they may be more willing to lend you money.

Some lenders may be willing to lend up to 6x the annual salary, and some may even offer higher income multiples of 5.

It can be hard to determine how much a person will be eligible for, given the many roles in the police force as well as other factors.

Our guide to borrowing based upon salary provides more information on how income can impact your ability to borrow for a police loan in Scotland and the rest of the UK.

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Can I get a mortgage for a police officer?

Police officers can have many different roles and not all of them get the same salary.

We get many mortgage inquiries from police officers, including communications officers, project managers and motorcycle technicians.

Mortgage advisors can provide an exact figure. The figures shown are only for demonstration purposes.

They will take the time to review your personal circumstances and search the entire mortgage market to give you a better idea of how much you can borrow.

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Can bad credit prevent me from getting a mortgage for police?

Many police officers and workers fear that their “bad credit” will stop them from getting a mortgage.

The good news is that not everyone with bad credit is the same. Some bad credit mortgage lenders may be willing to lend you money. Some offer a mortgage with a CCJ or even a mortgage.

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Police pension mortgages guide

After receiving inaccurate advice regarding police pension mortgages, many retired officers of the police force have contacted us.

Potential homeowners avoid approaching lenders as they are afraid of being rejected by an older borrower.

While it is possible for lenders to have concerns about elderly borrowers and their ability to pay a mortgage on a low income, there are specialist lenders that can consider other factors, such as your police pension and savings.

What lenders should I contact for a police mortgage loan?

It can be confusing to find the right place to start with so many mortgage lenders. Get your quote below:

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Which bank is best for police mortgages?

For starters, not only banks can offer police mortgages. If the circumstances are right, they may also be considered by building societies and other types of lenders.

Each police mortgage provider will have its criteria to evaluate a borrower to determine whether they are able to lend to them.

This not only makes the process of getting a mortgage very time-consuming but can also result in wasted money in application fees and credit rejections.

A broker is a good choice to avoid this. A mortgage broker can provide you with current rates and compare them for you before accepting your application.

We also offer mortgages for firefighters and military mortgages, which come under the forces band of mortgage requirements.

Get approved for a mortgage for police professionals within 24 hours

We have a team of specialist brokers based near Manchester, ready to help get policemen and policewomen approved for a mortgage in just 24 hours, start online below:

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