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Mortgages for key workers

Written By:
Myles Robinson - Expert Finance Advisor

Posted: Feb 9, 2023

Mortgages for key workers & key worker mortgage schemes

Key Workers Mortgage Program was a government program once available to all NHS employees. This product is no longer available.

You may still be eligible to receive lower mortgage rates from certain lenders and key worker schemes. It all depends on how you are involved in the NHS.

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What mortgage discounts are available for NHS employees?

Mortgages for key workers and key worker schemes are available although it will be difficult to get the discounts offered to NHS staff. It would be a good idea to contact a specialist mortgage broker.

Not all NHS employees are eligible for the discount. Only those in clinical positions will meet the eligibility criteria.

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Do I qualify for an NHS key worker mortgage discount?

Special discounts may be available to those who hold a position as a clinician in any of these NHS trust organisations.

  • NHS GP practices
  • NHS Direct
  • NHS status for dental practices
  • NHS Ambulance Trust
  • Foundations for psychiatric and welfare health
  • NHS Primary Care and other healthcare trusts
  • The National Blood Transfusion Service
  • The Health Protection Agency

A majority of housekeeping, administrative, and medical personnel are not eligible.

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What Can NHS Staff Borrow?

The amount of money you can borrow from mortgage lenders depends on your income and not your job title. Membership in the NHS does not affect your mortgage calculation. As with all applicants, affordability and solvency will be assessed.

Your salary as an NHS clinician will range from £ 20,000 to £45,000. Your annual salary is multiplied by the size of your mortgage, usually 35 times. Your bid will range from £61 608 to £204,579 depending on how high you are on the credit scale and what your credit rating is.

Additional Programs NHS Workers Can Take Advantage Of

Shopping Assistance

Shopping Aid is meant to assist first-time buyers in achieving their goals. However, you can still take advantage of the program if your home is already in the program (40% Greater London). This will increase your deposit by 25% to a total of 25 per cent. The first five years of the loan are free from interest. Salaries can have more homes because they only need a 75% mortgage loan.



NewBuy requires a downpayment of 5 as well as the purchase aid. However, you will receive a 95% NewBuy loan, calculated at an average interest rate, when purchasing a new home.



Co-ownership allows you to buy a property you wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford by buying a 25-75% share instead of the whole property.

Because you borrow less, your down payment and mortgage payments will be lower if you buy a smaller portion of the home. You don’t own the property.


Sales law

Sometimes, tenants from housing associations and municipalities can purchase their rented apartments at a substantial discount. This system will make your monthly payments and deposit much lower.

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What are the NHS Mortgages?

There are no mortgage products that are specifically designed for NHS employees at the moment. The mortgages available to NHS employees are generally the same as those for other applicants.

How can a mortgage broker help NHS employees find a mortgage?

A licensed and registered mortgage broker is recommended when buying a home. This is especially true if you are a first-time homebuyer. A mortgage broker like ourselves will give you personal advice about the best mortgage deals, as well as have access to many products that are not readily available on the main street. A mortgage broker can save you time, money, stress, and even the possibility of being rejected.

Be assured! You don’t have to worry! There are many other wonderful schemes that can help, such as the Help To Buy programs and other ways to get 100% mortgages. (more information below).

Keep in mind, however, that certain lenders offer preferential rates and underwriting to key workers and professionals alike. Sometimes there are products that can be of great benefit to buyers in many ways. These products wouldn’t be available to the public otherwise. This includes teachers and doctors as well as soldiers.

For more information, please read the following and contact us if you are ready to submit a mortgage request.

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What are the best options for key worker mortgages

The government has also launched key worker mortgage programs.

Help to Buy

This government scheme is designed to encourage home buyers and first-time buyers to purchase and bring life back to the housing market. This scheme is only for newly constructed properties. It allows buyers to purchase with a 5% deposit and gives them a 20% equity loan so that they can only need a 75% mortgage.

Because it is less risky to the lender, the mortgage rate is cheaper. The equity loan charges 0% for five years. The 6th year’s interest rate is 1.75%. It then rises annually by the RPI+1%. This combination results in lower borrowing costs in the short term and allows you to buy a property with only a small deposit.

Purchase a New Product

This scheme is only for newly constructed properties. The purchaser must make a 5% deposit and then borrow on a NewBuy 95% mortgage. Although the borrower only needs a small deposit, they can also borrow at a lower rate because the loan is guaranteed by the government up to 20%. This means that the lender is lending 95%, while the security is equal to a 75% mortgage. The lender would recover any loss from the sale of the repossessed property if the borrower defaults.

Right to Buy

Offers council housing tenants the chance to buy their property from the local authority. Many times, there are significant discounts that can be used to increase the equity of the property.

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Key worker programs: What options are available to first-time buyers?

The Key Worker Living Programme has ended in 2019. Teachers, officers and police personnel have had to search for an affordable alternative.

The First Homes program is designed to solve this problem by offering a 30% discount on new properties for key workers, including teachers, police officers, and nurses.

Bad news: The bad news?

What are your options?

Some local councils, social tenants, and private housing developers have their own initiatives. However, these can vary depending upon your location, where you live, your personal circumstances, and the country in which you reside.

The first step is to find a suitable plan. You’ll also need information about which lenders are most likely to approve your mortgage application. This can be complicated, so many key employees come to us for guidance.

Part Ownership

This refers to the purchase of a part of a property that is owned by a housing agency, social landlord or employer. A share can be purchased from 25% to 100%. On the mortgage you pay, the rent is paid on the remainder. For more information on mainstream shared ownership, visit our page. If you are a key worker and you are able to purchase your share, you can increase ownership through stair casing. This is a way to get a larger share or a full share if it is affordable.

For more information on these products and schemes, contact us today to discuss a key worker scheme.

How can I apply for these key worker programs?

Contact us today or fill out the quick form below to send us your enquiry or to apply for a mortgage. We will help with your mortgage application and find the best lender for you.

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