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Mortgage Broker Near Me

Written By:
Myles Robinson - Expert Finance Advisor

Posted: Feb 6, 2023

Mortgage Broker Near Me

Finding a mortgage broker for sound advice is worth considering whether you buy, sell your property or remortgage your home.

To help you find a mortgage that suits your needs, we’ve selected 20 of the best mortgage brokers and advisers in the UK.

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Mortgage and equity release partnership LLP, Dorchester

As independent mortgage brokers, Mortgage and Equity Release Partnership are specialist mortgage advisers specialising in equity release and later-life mortgages that provide mortgage solutions based on your needs to help you find the best rates on the mortgage market.

Homeowners who are 55 and older can borrow from their home equity with later-life mortgages. An equity release mortgage does not require monthly payments; your mortgage loan is paid back in full after death or when you enter a long-term care facility like a nursing home.


Mortgage marketplace, Bristol

The Mortgage marketplace team offers independent mortgage advice and will walk you through your entire mortgage journey. The UK mortgage brokers will check your credit score to see how much you can borrow and, if necessary, guide you on improving your credit rating.

As part of your mortgage application process, they will find lenders, offer the best mortgage deal, and inform you of hidden fees, including valuation and stamp duty fees. After determining how much you can afford, they will be with you every step to ensure your application is processed from start to finish.

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Shop around finance limited, Swinton

Shop Around finance limited offer various options, whether you are looking to buy your first home, would like to remortgage your home, or require a commercial mortgage.

The mortgage process is pretty straightforward, ensuring that the maximum amount you can borrow is well within your capacity to repay your mortgage comfortably.

They have access to the entire mortgage market, which means that they are not limited to specific lenders and can find tailored mortgage deals based on the type of mortgage you need and qualify for.


Mansfield money ltd, Mansfield

Mansfield Money, a specialist broker, provides whole-market mortgage advice and is dedicated to finding the best possible solution to meet your needs. As specialists in residential remortgaging, they can help you renegotiate or switch your existing mortgage.

Their services extend beyond remortgaging, offering advice on several mortgage types, including first-time buyer mortgages, buy-to-let mortgages, and self-employed mortgages.

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Rothesay Bennett financial planning, Balsall Common

Probate property is when a deceased relative has left you in charge of dealing with their estate and financial affairs. If you inherited a home and need help or advice on remortgaging the property in your name, you will need a specialist mortgage broker that understands remortgaging a property in probate.

Unlike most mortgage brokers, Rothesay Bennett advisers are specialists in estate planning and can help you find a lender that suits your financial needs and help you switch or negotiate a better mortgage rate.

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Greenacre financial services, London

The independent mortgage advisers focus on commercial, residential, shared ownership, and bridging finance mortgages. They can recommend the type of mortgage and find suitable rates based on over 100 UK lenders.

If the housing market unexpectedly changes, they will ensure you can afford the interest rates and make your payments. Self-employed mortgages are the most difficult to get, and their tailored plan ensures you can afford the mortgage rates.


Mallory financial limited, Cheshire

Mallory Financial Limited are not tied to a particular lender and has access to a broader range of lenders.

You get a free consultation, and they can recommend mortgages best suited to your situation and will handle the entire application process.

Whether you require a traditional or an interest-only mortgage, they will ensure your receive the best rate and deal.

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Barlow Irvin financial services limited, Bolton

If you are still determining which mortgage is best suited for your needs, the mortgage advisers at Barlow Irvin financial services can recommend a mortgage based on your financial situation. They will walk you through your requirements and the mortgage application process and find exclusive deals tailored to your individual needs.


Merchant City Mortgages, Glasgow

Exclusive to Glasgow, this independent mortgage adviser can assist with finding the right mortgage for your business or home. Their services include remortgaging, residential and commercial mortgages, and financial services like bridging loans and Mortgage protection.

Whether you are buying property for the first time or considering remortgaging, these local brokers will help you navigate the application process and outline your options based on your needs.

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Home of mortgages, Romford

As independent mortgage brokers, Home of Mortgages understands the challenges of finding the right mortgage deal. Their services include niche mortgages catering to various occupations, including teachers, accountants and the self-employed.

They can help you find a mortgage tailored to your profession and circumstances. Their expert knowledge will help you understand the complexities of financing your home and will assist you in overcoming the difficulties of finding a lender.


My mortgage maker, Bath

My Mortgage Maker will find the most appropriate mortgage and best possible interest rate to suit your individual financial circumstances. Their services include mortgage protection, debt consolidation, remortgaging, and Capital raising for any home improvements you may want.

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Advantage home finance, Edinburgh

Advantage Home Finance services include mortgage advice and loans on residential mortgages only. They also specialise in Second charge mortgages, refurbishment buy-to-let and holiday-let mortgages.

For commercial lending, equity release, and second-charge lending, their advisers will refer you to an authorised third-party financial adviser in Edinburgh and surrounding areas.


Roost Finance, Kettering Parkway

Roost Finance can advise you on the right mortgage with the most competitive rates suited to your financial circumstances for New Build, Build-to-let, and Buy-to-move mortgages. They also specialise in Limited Company Buy-to-let mortgages. You can expect expert advice and guidance on property buying through a Limited Company from their mortgage experts.

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Leeds money man, Leeds

A mortgage broker like Leeds Money Man ensures that the same person handles your application from beginning to end. Their services include traditional and specialist mortgages, including Debt consolidation and Shared ownership mortgages.

An independent mortgage adviser can assist with mortgage products to assist you in finding a lender if your bank has rejected you. A satisfactory credit history and documentation are required to access their mortgage products.


Pagoda mortgage services, Hertfordshire

Pagoda is a mortgage expert specialising in government schemes like Help-to-buy and Shared Ownership mortgages to help you buy your first home. They will assist with your application, ensure you meet the government scheme deadline, and find the mortgage best suited to your circumstances.

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Vistaara financial solutions, London

The mortgage sourcing technologies used by Vistaara Finance Solutions are updated daily to ensure that you receive the best mortgage deals and offers from lenders. Their services are ideally suited to first-time home buyers or anyone moving into a new home.

Whether you opt for a lower monthly payment, consolidate debt, or remortgage your home, a mortgage broker can assist you.


Fitch & Fitch, Cambridge

Independent mortgage advisers at Fitch & Fitch work on your behalf to find you the appropriate mortgage offer and rates. With access to whole-of-market brokers, they can find a lender best suited to your requirements for commercial property or expanding your buy-to-let portfolio.

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Mortgage 1st, Chesterfield

Mortgage 1st specialises in all types of mortgages, including the consolidation of debt and home improvements. Their expert brokers can help determine the best way to release equity from your home to fund cosmetic changes to your house or add on another room.


HL consulting, Birmingham

HL consulting are financial advisers that assist you with financing various mortgages, including Buy-to-let and remortgaging your home. Their expertise in the field of finance gives them a competitive edge in advising and implementing financial strategies in securing a mortgage.

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Burnett Mortgages, Doncaster

As a whole of the market broker, Burnett Mortgages assists you with obtaining a mortgage, regardless of bad credit. Their services include various mortgages, mortgage protection, and tailoring your existing mortgage to suit your financial circumstances.


Final Thoughts

Even though each mortgage product serves the same purpose, the interest rates, repayment plans, and broker fees differ significantly. Using a mortgage broker can connect you with the right type with the best mortgage rate and terms so contact us now to get started.

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