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Bristol Mortgage Broker

Written By:
Myles Robinson - Expert Finance Advisor

Posted: Feb 6, 2023

Bristol Mortgage Broker

Looking for a good mortgage broker can be hard work: ensuring they’re legitimate, reading reviews, and getting familiar with their processes before making contact.

That’s why Loan Corp tries to simplify things for homeowners to get the best deals, and this is a brief look at the top 20 mortgage brokers in Bristol that can help you up the property ladder.

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Top 20 Mortgage Brokers In Bristol

Here are the best independent brokers that you can contact in Bristol.

Ideal Mortgage Advisers

Ideal Mortgage Advisers has six experienced mortgage brokers at your disposal. They pride themselves on ensuring that you get the best mortgage advice, and this advice is completely free.

Contact the independent mortgage broker at 0117 4446753 or send an email to [email protected].

Jeremy Blair Just Mortgages

Jeremy Blair is a mortgage professional and protection specialist and provides services beyond lenders or comparison sites. He keeps track of your application by liaising with the solicitor, estate agent, and lender. He also can give you mortgage advice from an extensive panel of lenders and have access to the best mortgage deals.

You can contact him at 07990728099 or email him at [email protected].

JWD Mortgages

JWD does all the work for you and uses its whole-of-market mortgage advisors with executive networks to get the best deal for you. These relationships help them help you in getting the best on your mortgage application.

You can book an appointment on their website.

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Lansdown Financial Services Ltd

These experienced advisors aim to build a personal and lasting relationship with the borrower, no matter what they want to do. From a first-time house buyer to remortgaging, they have you covered.

Contact them at 01225 45 95 15 or [email protected].

WR Ethical

WR Ethical offers a specific type of mortgage program, which involves finding the best and environmentally-sound option for your mortgage needs. WR works closely with Ethical Consumer, a non-profit UK website that aims to make a global business sustainable.

You can contact them at 01174039430 or [email protected].

Clifton Mortgages

From remortgages to a house purchase, Clifton wants to make every part of the process easy and find the best solution for you. They offer a free initial mortgage consultation, but they charge a fee of £395 on mortgages they have received formal offers.

You can contact them at 0117 370 4231 for a consultation.

 Key Solutions Mortgages Ltd

Key Solutions has 25 years of giving expert mortgage advice, and they pride themselves on providing the best service, so they have a 100% mortgage guarantee and an unconditional service guarantee.

You can contact them at 0800 138 5856 or [email protected].

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Esther Field – Mortgage Marketplace

Mortgage Marketplace is independent, whole-of-market mortgage advisors who have access to limited rates due to their connections in the industry. They provide fast and efficient service and work hard to be your helper in the mortgage process without the fuss.

You can contact them at 0800 808 5142 for a consultation.

Integra Financial Ltd

This UK mortgage broker educates the borrower on making the best financial decisions, especially when buying a house. They are passionate about the industry and want to provide various products to you and make the mortgage experience as stress-free as possible.

You can contact them at 0117 251 0083.

Lloyd Wells Mortgages

Lloyd Wells Mortgages have the combined expertise of two independent mortgage advisors who want to give you the best, honest, and most helpful mortgage advice.

They both love a little challenge, so if you have a unique situation where you think you might not get a mortgage, contact Pete and Adam by filling out the online form on their website.

Open Vision Finance

Experts in mortgages as well as the remortgaging process, Open Vision Finance has been trusted by thousands of customers since first opening its doors.

Being conscious of the stress these financial commitments can pose to clients, Open Vision Finance aims to take the worry out of buying a home by doing the hard work for you.

You can contact them at 01823 444022.

House & Holiday Homes Mortgages

House & Holiday Homes Mortgages is a mortgage broker that aims to give its clients more than the average mortgage broker, with incredible rates offered and a service their customers love.

The first consultation is always free from the FCA-verified mortgage broker. A professional mortgage advisor will help you find the best mortgage deal for your permanent residence or holiday home.

You can contact them on 01453 887179.

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Mortgage & Equity Release Partnership

The award-winning advisor prides itself on giving the best, unbiased advice on the mortgage market. You can be guaranteed a friendly and expert broker who will help you find the best deal possible.

And if you don’t live in the local area, that’s no problem. Many Mortgage & Equity Release Partnership’s clients are as far away as Scotland.

You can contact them on 0800 999 3339.

Ocean Finance

Ocean Finance will compare 100s of deals on the mortgage market, finding you the best one to save you money, regardless of your circumstances. They even provide specialist advice for those with bad credit who need to find a mortgage.

You can contact them at 0161 672 7575 or [email protected].

Bennison Brown

Bennison Brown’s office, centrally located in Bristol, can give you impartial mortgage advice on residential mortgages, Buy to Let properties or a mortgage tailored toward your specific needs. As well as a broker, they will offer you a Case Manager to oversee your case.

With over 500 top-class reviews on Google, Bennison Brown is a popular choice amongst many in the Bristol area.

You can contact them on 0207 427 6067.

Windsor Hill Mortgages

Window Hill Mortgages’ expert team is a family-run business with years of expertise, bringing you mortgage advice and the best deals. There are various ways to speak with them, including via phone, video call or face-to-face. And all preliminary meetings are 100% and come with no obligation.

You can contact them on 01225 962 456.

Mather and Murray

Mather & Murray can help you with a new mortgage or equity release advice by giving you access to a wide range of lenders and highly competitive prices. The team know your time is precious, which is why they scour 10,000+ deals for their clients and offer you the best products on the market.

You can contact them on 01793 261626.

Crane Williams Financial Advice

Priding themselves on their client’s financial well-being is paramount to the team at Crane Williams.

As well as mortgages on commercial and residential properties, they can help with debt consolidation and many more financial concerns.

You can contact them on 0117 3250 770.

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Merrigan Reis LLP

Merrigan Reis LLP is an independent mortgage broker who can help you with a mortgage whether you are a first-time buyer needing help with a low deposit mortgage or looking for the best rate for a remortgage.

Their expert knowledge allows them to advise regarding the entire mortgage industry so that you can have the best rate available.

You can contact them at 07786 546380.

Pure Financial

Pure Financial isn’t tied to one lender; they use the entire market to check for advice on the best mortgages. They look in-depth at your circumstances to ensure you’ll make the right decision and get the best value for money.

You can contact them on 01924 200 202.

If you are looking for a UK-wide broker, Fluent Money are a Manchester-based mortgage broker who can access a wide range of finance products. We can put you in contact with the best person with our slick tech and direct API integration; start online below:

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Is having a mortgage advisor a legal requirement?

While it is not a legal requirement, getting the right advice when considering a mortgage is imperative.

Each Bristol mortgage broker is highly trained to find the best rates so you don’t end up paying more than you need on a mortgage.


Final Thoughts

If you are looking for mortgage advice in the Bristol area, our comprehensive list of the best brokers in the southwest will help you find the best mortgage advisor and deals.

Contact us now as we can easily get you in touch with the best local mortgage brokers in Bristol.

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