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Income for £250,000 mortgage

Author: Myles Robinson - Expert Finance Advisor

Posted: Jul 1, 2022

Income for £250,000 mortgage

As a mortgage broker company, we are also known as a mortgage advice bureau. We often get asked: What are the likely mortgage repayments and how many income multiples do I need in order to qualify for a £250k mortgage? While we’ll answer both of these questions in this article there are some things you should keep in mind before continuing.

Choosing the right mortgage lenders for a £250,000 mortgage

First, the few mortgage providers lending a £250,000 mortgage, each provider has different lending criteria so there is no single answer. Furthermore, lenders will evaluate your income multiples and annual income along with other factors before deciding what salary is acceptable for a £250k mortgage.

We are proud to say that our mortgage brokers are specialists in this field and can provide professional advice for a £250,000 mortgage. This article will provide you with an estimate of the income needed to get a loan for this amount and what you can expect to repay each month.

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What does your income have to do with your application for a £250k mortgage?

Income is a key consideration for mortgage providers, it can give you an indication of your ability to pay your mortgage.

Lenders use affordability to calculate your debt/income ratio. You have more income to pay off a mortgage, the lower your creditworthiness will be.

What is the reason that income requirements differ by the mortgage lender?

Some lenders are more generous than others. Many lenders place a limit on mortgages at 44.5x your monthly income. However, some lenders will extend loans up to 5x and a few will even go up to 6x.

A secured loan can be used as collateral to secure a mortgage. Some lenders will even extend up to 10x your income, which means you can borrow more than you would on a mortgage.

What is the minimum income required to obtain a mortgage for £250,000?

How can you calculate the required income to get a £250k loan, taking into account the standard lender caps?

Let’s say you and your partner earn a combined salary of £85,000. Just over 3x, your earnings should equal £255,000. This would theoretically allow you to choose from a variety of mortgage lenders since your income is within the range most lenders will consider.

If you make £45,000 per annum, it would be more difficult to find a provider willing to lend you at least 6x your income.

The mortgage affordability calculator can give you an idea of what this might look like based on your income.

What are the monthly repayments for a £250K mortgage loan?


Consider the different mortgage rates as well as term lengths for a £250,000 mortgage. These are factors most mortgage calculators consider. It could impact your decision on which mortgage to get.

We have created some tables to show monthly payments on 250k mortgage amounts. To see the different £250,000 mortgage payments, click on one of the tabs. Values for £255,000, £260,000, £265,000 etc. These values are also shown.

For free expert advice and no obligation, if you’re looking for a house or need any help with a £250,000 mortgage, please enquire today.

Other factors, aside from income, can impact your chances of getting approved for a £250k loan?

LTV (Loan to Value):

A lower LTV ( higher deposit) may be a benefit as you have more options for lenders and can access better mortgage deals.

Many residential mortgage lenders offer up to 15% loan to value (LTV). This means that you can borrow this amount of the property’s worth.

Some will accept 90% while others will only take 95%. A few providers might be willing to lend you money for a £250,000 mortgage if you have a £12,500 (5%) deposit – provided that you meet the eligibility criteria.

You will generally get better rates if you have more deposits. This gives lenders additional reassurance about your commitment.


The job you do for a living can impact your ability to obtain mortgage financing. Certain types of jobs and contracts are considered riskier than others.

If you are self-employed and looking for a loan with a temporary contract to finance your home, mortgage companies might be more cautious than someone who has been working full-time for many years.

There are many variables that can affect your job, so don’t lose heart if you’re in an unusual job.

Negative credit issues

As we have discussed, each mortgage provider has its own eligibility criteria and requirements. The same goes for bad credit.

Some lenders won’t accept someone who has suffered any form of adverse. Others will accept the most serious issues such as bankruptcy or repossessions. It all depends on how severe and recent the issue is.

For more information, visit our section on bad credit mortgages. Send us an enquiry and we’ll send you to one of our specialist bad credit advisors for mortgage advice.


Older customers might have a harder time getting a mortgage because they are considered riskier. Some lenders place a limit on the maximum age that they will lend to, while others have a maximum term limit. If you have retired, some providers won’t consider you.

A whole market broker can help you find more mortgage providers that are willing to consider you regardless of your age. Visit our later life lending section here.

Properties that can be rented to buy to let (BTL)

Your £250k mortgage application is it for a BTL investment or a regular residential mortgage? The rules for BTL investments are different from standard residential mortgage products.

Lenders will usually require a higher deposit (usually a minimum of 25%). The affordability calculation is not based on income multipliers but on your expected earnings from the letting of the property.


Second homes

If you are looking for a mortgage to purchase a second home, there are different rules, if you find yourself in financial trouble. It is more likely that you will prioritise mortgage repayments for your primary residence over those for a second.

A majority of banks and building societies will require a larger deposit for a second home. You may also be subject to more stringent affordability checks than with a standard loan.

Unique property types

With their higher risk and lower selling price, many mortgage lenders are reluctant to lend for properties that are not standard listed or unique in any other way.

Some lenders will consider more types of property. Learn more in our nonstandard property section. Speak with a mortgage broker today for mortgage advice.

You should talk to an expert affordability broker about mortgage repayments

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