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Buy to let mortgage brokers

Written By:
Myles Robinson - Expert Finance Advisor

Posted: Aug 8, 2022

Buy to let mortgage brokers

Expert advice for each borrower is difficult to find in the vast buy-to-let residential mortgages market. That’s why we are expert buy to let mortgage brokers with who do the hard work for you.

This sector is so diverse that there are many specialists. These include limited company BTL deals, mortgages for those with bad credit, and houses of multiple occupancy.

We have the whole-of-market access necessary to find a mortgage broker. We have years of experience working with buy-to-let specialist mortgage brokers and will ensure to find the right mortgage deal for you.

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What types of mortgage specialists are available?

We can help you connect with a mortgage broker that specialises in the …

  • BTL mortgages for bad credit
  • Borrowers with complex income
  • Other non-standard property types
  • Later-life borrowers
  • Different tenant types
  • Landlords with experience

You should seek a specialist mortgage broker to help you with buy-to-let mortgage advice if you fall within these categories. Otherwise, your chances of getting rejected or denied by a mainstream lender are high.

We offer mortgage advice free of charge. Contact today to speak with a mortgage advisor to discuss the mortgage process to suit you. we will then introduce you to a mortgage lender.

Bad credit buy-to-let brokers

An adverse credit record could make the difference between getting a great mortgage deal and having to settle for a low-interest rate. Our specialists deal with mortgages for customers with poor credit every single day. They can help you find the best rates and connect you to lenders who will offer the following…

  • Credit history is not required
  • Credit score low
  • Late payments
  • Mortgage payment not made
  • Defaults
  • CCJs
  • IVAs
  • Debt Management Schemes
  • Repossessions
  • Bankruptcy
  • Payday loans
  • Customers with multiple credit issues

Providers that cater to borrowers with any one of these credit issues will base their lending decisions on the severity of the credit issue – for example, a missed payment on a credit card is less severe than a bankruptcy – and the more senior the credit issue, they will be more willing to lend.

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Complex income buy-to-let brokers

Mainstream lenders prefer that borrowers are in secure full-time employment. However, we can help you connect with expert buy-to-let mortgage advisers who can cater to customers whose Income includes…

  • Earnings from Self-employment
  • Bonuses
  • Commission
  • Benefits
  • Contractor work (which includes workers from Ltd companies and employees of umbrella companies)
  • Pensions and other investments

Lenders may not consider one or more of these income streams when calculating the amount you can borrow. Specialist buy-to-let advice on the mortgage market may also be required if your income isn’t standard.

Brokers who specialise in buy-to-let properties

The most common customers for buy-to-let properties are those who want a traditional brick-and-mortar home. Mainstream providers might refuse to offer you a rate or turn down your application if the building you are interested in falls within this broad category.

We work with specialist mortgage brokers to help you buy and let properties with ‘non-standard features such as…

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Later-life buy-to-let brokers

Some mortgage lenders that buy to let you borrow money won’t lend out to people over 75. Others will extend the limit to 85. A minority of lenders will not impose any age limits as long as they feel confident you can repay the loan in retirement. Read our guide on buy-to-let mortgages for those over 60 to learn more.

BTL mortgage products are available for older borrowers. The whole-of-market financial advisors that we work with can help you connect with lenders who offer them. Enquire today to get started. We will find you the best mortgage deals.

Tenant types

Your ability to attract the type of tenants you want after you get your BTL mortgage will also affect the number of lenders willing to lend you credit.

The easiest borrowers offer assured shorthold tenancies (ASTs) to young professionals or families. However, any of the above may require a specialist lender.

  • Student lets
  • HMOs
  • Tenants receive DSS rental assistance
  • Tenants for short-term
  • Tenants with non-standard contracts

Each of these areas is considered to be niche.

Specialist buy-to-let advice should be sought by landlords interested in these areas to get the best deals. Enquire today to discuss buy-to-let mortgages, rental property and any other residential mortgage.

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Experienced landlords need brokers

First-time buyers will have more difficulty getting a BTL mortgage than professional landlords. Those with extensive portfolios may need to work with a specialist lender.

Some BTL mortgage providers limit the number of mortgages a borrower can hold to four to five, while others have higher limits or none.

If you are a professional landlord with an extensive rental income portfolio, seeking specialist advice on buy-to-let property investments is always recommended before adding another property.

Unless you are a specialist broker, you only have access to a third of the Buy To Let mortgages that are available.

Why would I seek advice from a broker who specialises in buy-to-let mortgages?

Simply put, there is a lot of buy-to-let available. Not every lender can offer the best interest rates because they use different criteria. If you wish to move from your existing lender, we are here to help.

It is not a good idea to approach as many lenders as possible. Too many applications could hurt your credit score and the time involved. Rate tables can be problematic as they often give prominence to sponsored products and don’t provide a complete market overview.

Consider these points when choosing a broker that has access to the entire market. You will have access to all the best deals you are eligible for. Enquire here today.

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Fees for a mortgage broker who sells buy-to-let

Broker fees vary from one deal to the next. They will depend on how complex the agreement is and what type of buy-to-let mortgage you are applying for. Portfolio landlords, which have four or more properties, tend to be more complicated than other borrowers.

There are buy-to-let mortgage brokers who charge no fees. However, many will charge between £500 to £999. Other brokers may charge 3-4% of the loan amount. BTL broker fees, secured loans, and second Mortgages can also be higher.

Do I have to choose a BTL broker that is fee-free?

It is essential to determine the total cost of the mortgage before you decide whether to use a fee-free mortgage broker or one that charges. If the interest rate you end up on is too high, it’s not worth taking a deal without a broker fee.

Also, be aware of any deals that have high upfront fees. Brokers should not be paid based on their success. Therefore, the buy-to-let mortgage brokers we work with will only charge if they find you a deal. If they cannot help you, they will refund any upfront fees.

To speak with one of them over the phone, make an enquiry

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Is it possible to speak with a mortgage broker who specializes in buy-to-let from any part of the UK?

Many buy-to-let brokers work throughout the UK. The most extensive coverage is in England and Wales, so you can find a London buy-to-let mortgage broker if you are eligible.

Please get in touch if you are looking for buy-to-let advice in London or elsewhere in England and Wales. The experts we work with can help you find the right lender.

Is it possible to find me a London-based buy-to-let mortgage broker?

This won’t be an issue as we have many London-based buy-to-let brokers. Remember that we will help you find the expert who will most likely help you achieve your goals.

It doesn’t mean that they will be based in London. If this is the case, it won’t make you feel any less if you buy there. They will keep in touch with you via phone and online.

Advice on buying a house to let in Scotland

If you are looking to buy to let in Scotland, your options for broker/lender will be smaller as there may be restrictions on certain postcodes in Scotland.

We can help anyone looking for buy-to-let property north of the border with our BTL mortgage specialists, who know which lenders offer the best rates.

Northern Ireland: Buy to Let Advice

Fewer brokers cover buy-to-let mortgages in Northern Ireland and those who do tend to have restrictions on specific postcodes. To find the best deals, you need access to the entire market. So enquire, and our specialist buy-to-let mortgage brokers will help you get the right advice and connect to the best lenders in your situation.

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Advice about buying to let outside the UK

Many customers contact us for advice about securing a purchase abroad. There are many ways to do this.

  • Remortgaging A UK-based property that can be used to buy a BTL abroad
  • Borrow from a UK bank to get loans for overseas purchases
  • A lender based in the country can arrange an overseas mortgage

It can be challenging to navigate the complicated waters of international mortgages. Expert advice is recommended.

The specialist brokers we work with can offer advice regarding buying to let outside the UK. Enquire.

Advice about mortgage products for holiday homes

Many customers contact us to get advice on how to convert a buy-to-let into a holiday rental.

Since the advent of services like Airbnb, holiday lets are more popular than ever. Landlords find them attractive because borrowing rules are more flexible and the tax environment more favourable. Only a few lenders offer mortgage products in the UK for holiday rentals. This can make it difficult for borrowers, mainly if they are a portfolio landlord or limited company.

The whole-of-market agents we work with can help you find the best mortgages for holiday lets.

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Is there an online mortgage broker that can buy and let?

Yes, brokers can handle most of your mortgage applications online via email, SMS or other remote methods. Flexible brokers can also be available to keep the deal moving beyond regular business hours.

While you will need to talk to an advisor to verify your ID, most applications can be made online.

Get free advice on buying a home and mortgage by completing an enquiry here.

Brokers that specialise in Buy-to-Let Remortgages

Our brokers can provide the most current and accurate buy-to-let advice regardless of whether you’re buying this type of property or remortgaging it.

Some customers find it easy to remortgage a buy-to-let mortgage, while others may have more difficulty if their circumstances have changed since taking out their original mortgage.

While remortgage rates for buy-to-let are generally higher than residential, there are still great deals available – but remember that the total cost is the most important. If the interest you pay on your deal is greater than the savings, it’s not worth signing up.

Why should you choose to work with buy-to-let brokers who specialise in mortgages?

The market is vast, and finding the best mortgage brokers to help you in your situation can be challenging. We can help you locate them. But that’s not all.

We screen, review and approve brokers.

Our brokers provide more information than you would find in buy-to-let forums or via a quick Google Search.

We only work with experts who are whole-of-market accessible and can guarantee a 5-star service. The financial conduct authority regulates our brokers.

All our accredited brokers must complete a rigorous course that includes more than 25 modules. This means they are well-equipped to provide the best buy-to-let mortgage advice in the UK. They are available to provide whole-of-market BTL advice, so send an enquiry to speak to one of them.

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We can help you find the best buy-to-let broker in mortgage lending

Different buy-to-let mortgage brokers may have additional expertise. We’ve already covered that some specialise in bad credit customers while others are more focused on holiday rent buyers or experienced landlords.

You should seek professional advice if you are considering buying an investment property.

We can help. Our free broker-matching service will consider your circumstances and help you find the right expert to match you.

We only match you with experts we have thoroughly vetted to ensure their track record.

Contact us today or send us an enquiry online to arrange a no-obligation, free chat with your ideal buy-to-let mortgage broker.

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