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Probationary period mortgages

Written By:
Myles Robinson - Expert Finance Advisor

Posted: Feb 6, 2023

Fact Checked By:
David Nicholson - Finance Editor

Getting a mortgage when you are on a probationary period

As a mortgage broker, we are eager to help all those interested in obtaining a mortgage while still on probation.

We offer mortgage advice free of charge and our primary job aim is “mortgage approval” here at Loan Corp.

After speaking with an experienced mortgage broker who the FCA registers, we will introduce you to a mortgage lender whose lending criteria you match.

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What is a probationary period mortgage?

The probation period is when an employee works before being offered full-time employment or a regular salary. The employer can terminate the contract at any time without notice or explanation.

If the employee fails to perform during the probation period, he/she can be fired immediately. There are several ways to obtain a mortgage while on probation.

People who want to climb the property ladder will find it difficult to get a mortgage during probation.

This article will give you the best advice on how to get a mortgage during your probation period. Sometimes it is possible to obtain a probation period mortgage if the contract is permanent.

However, getting mortgage approval from a lender for temporary contracts is difficult. We are an expert whole of market broker company and can assist you in getting a mortgage while you are still on probation period or permanent employment contract.

These top tips help you overcome obstacles and secure a mortgage during your probationary phase.

  • To find a specialist lender, a mortgage broker is a good choice. We are a whole-of-market broker that can help you find a specialist lender who will understand your needs. This will help you reduce the likelihood of your mortgage request being rejected and instead have a mortgage approved. To be rejected by a mortgage lender can affect your credit score.
  • Gather all information regarding your employment and previous employment history. Potential lenders will need to assess your employment situation and have confidence in your future job prospects. A signed employment contract and letter from your employer may be required.
  • You must provide proof of your work experience. You may be able to show proof of work experience if you have worked in the same industry as your new job for at least one year. This shows mortgage providers that even if your probationary period isn’t completed, you still have a chance to find a job in the same sector quickly, increasing your chances of being able to pay your mortgage on time.
  • Put in a bigger deposit (if you can). A larger deposit could allow you to get a broader range of mortgage deals with lower interest rates (and lower monthly payments). This is because lenders are less likely to lend to you if you have less equity in your home.

You might also find it helpful to know that if you are a member of the public sector, you may have a better chance of getting a mortgage after your probation period.

This includes teachers, police officers, public transport workers, and NHS workers.

Why? Many lenders view the public sector as safer.

According to many lenders, if your job is lost or you are unable to find another, there is a chance you can get another one in the same field.

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What if I am still on probation, can I get a mortgage?

Some mortgage companies will refuse customers on probation, while others may accept customers with a longer term.

Others, however, prefer a flexible approach. They note that a contract is sufficient to prove that your employment is permanent.

Lenders will also be interested in the contract type and its wording. It is worth noting that most lenders will contact your employer to confirm your length of work probation and your job offer to evaluate your mortgage application.

Even if you are just starting the job, this will still be essential to your application.

You should also know that most underwriters won’t consider variable pay above your basic pay.

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What are the best ways to get a mortgage during a probationary period?

Firstly contact a mortgage advisor who covers the whole market, such as the ones we work with.

This will ensure you get the right mortgage advice.

Then, consider these things that could impact getting a mortgage below.

Mortgage lenders will often request a minimum of 12 months of experience in the same industry.

This is to convince lenders that if you don’t pass your probationary period, you are sufficiently experienced in the field so that they can offer you another job quickly.

Some lenders may not require this. This rule that considers the length of employment before lending applies even to smaller loans such as bank overdrafts.

Why is it so difficult?

Mortgage lenders consider probationers riskier than those on permanent status, whether they are right or wrong.

They may need to recognise that probation may not be completed to remain permanent and that newer staff may lose their jobs if there are financial problems.

New workers may not be able to provide proof to meet more specific criteria.

Depending on the lender, most lenders will request payslips as proof that you have earned income for a specified time.

It can be hard to know your options as requirements change frequently, so let us help you, click the button below to start:

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Will my job type make a difference?

Probation applications are often treated differently depending on what job you hold.

Applications from the public sector, such as teachers or doctors, may be more likely to be approved.


What probation periods can impact your ability to get a mortgage in different industries

Although we have already discussed how your industry and job can impact how lenders view your mortgage application, there is more to it than you might think.

You may also be eligible for Key Worker Mortgages if you work in public service. These mortgages offer lower interest rates to those working in specific fields, such as education and public safety.

You will need to work for the following organisations to be considered a key worker:

  • NHS
  • Police service
  • Local Authority Teachers
  • Fire Brigade
  • HM Prison and Probation Service
  • Ambulance Service
  • Public Transport

These types of mortgages are becoming increasingly rare because most government-funded key worker mortgage programs are no longer available. These types of mortgages are becoming less popular with banks. They also have different requirements and criteria.

You don’t have to worry if you are not employed in the public sector or are currently on probation.

You can still apply if you follow the correct steps. When you click the link below, we do all the hard work and compare for you.

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How does probation period length affect a mortgage?

The length of your probation does not always affect your ability to obtain a mortgage. However, lenders will still consider it.

Some lenders may approve your loan but not release the funds until you complete your probation period.

This reduces the risk that your loan will not be made permanent, but it could still cause problems if you have been on probation for longer than you can afford to wait before financing a property purchase.

However, not all lenders use this approach. With the average worker being on probation for six months in any new job, some mortgage companies offer mortgages regardless of how far along you are.

Most lenders will consider your employment history when deciding if you can borrow.

You’re more likely than others to be approved for a mortgage if you have worked in similar roles before or can show that you have a steady income from your previous jobs.


Probation periods for mortgage lenders

While on probation, many people will find it difficult to get a mortgage. However, this is not always true. Lender discretion and your application strength can make this a more attractive option.

These are just a few examples of the major mortgage lenders’ requirements:

  • Nationwide
  • Halifax
  • Santander

Nationwide mortgage probationary period

Nationwide is open to consideration of applications from those in probationary periods at work, but they don’t offer mortgages in these circumstances.

You are looking for casual work: Ad hoc or a zero-hours contract mortgage.

The probationary period for a Halifax mortgage

Halifax is another lender that accepts probation period applications. They are similar to other providers in that they insist that the probation period must be part of a contract.

If the contract is only probationary and has an option for the employer, they won’t offer a mortgage or accept applications.

Santander mortgage probationary time

You can’t get a mortgage while you are on probation. However, it is possible to qualify if you have worked continuously for at least six months. This doesn’t necessarily have to be with the same employer.

They are less likely to approve an applicant without this. However, they allow flexibility for job probation applicants in certain circumstances.

You can see that some mainstream lenders have caveats for applicants who are applying for mortgages during a probationary period. This means you risk getting turned down if the lender is unsuitable.

This is why it’s essential to go through the mortgage process with a specialist broker. We provide mortgage advice free of charge.

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Talk to a broker who specialises in getting a mortgage whilst on probation.

Click the link below for an appointed representative who will give you mortgage options.

An experienced broker will then introduce you to a suitable lender.

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As a probationary teacher, can I apply for a mortgage?

You may be eligible for key worker mortgages.

These often offer lower rates for people in specific fields, such as education, health, and teaching.

What if I am on probation and work for the police? Can I still get a mortgage?

While on probation for a police officer role, you can still get a mortgage. Key worker mortgages are also available to them as long as they work in the public sector.

Can I get a mortgage in Ireland if I am on work probation?

This is the same as in England, Wales, and Scotland. Banks/lenders will review your case and determine if you are eligible for a mortgage.

There are fewer lenders in Scotland and Ireland than there are in England. The ones that do operate tend to have restrictions on postcodes, making it more difficult for them to offer the best deals. It is recommended to seek specialist advice from a broker who covers the whole market.

Is it possible to remortgage your home during a probation period?

Depending on the lender, it may be possible, but this is subject to the limitations of getting mortgages during probation.

This could also depend on other factors, such as a change in income. For example, a decrease in income could impact how much they will let you borrow.

Our specialist brokers will guide you in the right mortgage direction.

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Is the length of your probationary term a factor?

Your chances of getting a mortgage will not be affected by the length of your probation (typically between three and six months). Many larger lenders won’t even consider applicants while on work probation. and some specialist lenders will consider you for a loan if you are on probation.

It could also be a problem for more cautious lenders. Certain lenders may be willing to approve your application for a mortgage but will hold off on releasing any money until you have completed your work probation.

This might work if you are on a shorter probation period or near the end, but it could be problematic if you have an extended probation period and need to move quickly.

It’s worth checking the terms of your mortgage agreement to ensure that the money is available when you need it.

Do you need to wait until your probation period is over before applying for a mortgage?

You’ll likely find more options if you wait until the end of your probationary period before applying for a mortgage.

Many lenders will approve your application if you have been employed for at least six consecutive months. This means that you won’t be limited to specialist mortgage providers.

Another thing to remember is that lenders might base their loan offer on your basic salary during your probation period. This means that they may not consider any future overtime, bonuses, and commissions. You might be eligible to borrow more if you wait to complete your probation.

You might also consider delaying a career change until you settle in your new home, and you might not be eligible to borrow the same amount for a mortgage now if you have a new job with a higher income.

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Can you remortgage your home during your probation period?

Yes, you can, however, this is not the case for a first mortgage.

You may have to face additional challenges if you attempt to remortgage within your probationary period and there will be fewer deals and lenders to choose from.

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