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What counts as income for a mortgage?

A mortgage lender may be as concerned about how you earn your income as you are about the amount of money that you have.

While not all lenders will accept certain types of wages as declared capital for mortgage applications, the right advice can help you make your money stretch further.

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You can read our articles below on income types, mortgages and where to go for expert advice. We will also discuss how your money choices could impact your chances of getting a mortgage.

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Income types guide with Loan Corp

There is a wide range of income types that our customers come to us with, from requiring cash mortgages right through to mortgages for gambling professionals and people moving employment.

We can help you get approved for a mortgage online, start your journey below:

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What we do?

We make income types super easy

We have tech built in-house to make sure that your mortgage application is seamless. We work with a range of income types from both UK and international residents so we can help you get the mortgage suited for you.

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You can borrow from as little as £50,000
Available from mainstream lenders to private investments
Short to long repayment terms available
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We aim to find you the best finance we can at the best rates possible

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The Loan Corp Guarantee

We work hard to ensure that you get the best deal on your approved mortgage.

Start your mortgage journey below now and we will get your approval with our expert brokers who work with many types of incomes.

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Our Guide

Advice on income types for mortgages