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Santander Bridging Loans Guide

Santander bridging loans give customers a range of options that are looking for a bridging loan to finance their new property or asset. We have access to over 200 UK lenders as well as Santander so we can search the whole of the market to ensure that your bridging finance is the best rate and most suitable for your circumstances.

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How it works

Advantages of a Santander Bridging Loan

If you already have looked into bridging finance rates that Santander can offer, then you will likely know their loan criteria.

Many banks offer regulated and unregulated bridging finance loans for property purchases, asset finance, development loans and much more. They may be able to place both personal and commercial bridging finance cases.

Continue reading this guide for more information to think about when looking for a Santander bridging loan.

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You can borrow from as little as £50,000
Available from mainstream lenders to private investments
Short to long repayment terms available
Within 10 minutes we will call you to discuss your loan
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We aim to find you the best finance we can at the best rates possible

Disadvantages Of Using Santander For Bridging Finance

Many of our clients come to us requesting a bridge loan from a certain bank or lender, however, in most bridging cases, we are able to find you even better deals than the mainstream banks.

They do have their uses, however, we find it is best that you give yourself the best opportunity to find the best rate by letting us search the whole market. Many banks do not offer as much flexibility and the process of getting the bridging loan paid out can take several months.

It is also worth noting that you would be required to use your own solicitors. If you used a company such as Loan Corp, we have in-house solicitors that are experts in bridging finance. The key to fast payout and completion of the loan is mostly down to solicitor competence and speed.

If you are set on using a mainstream bank, there are many other options other than Santander, such as HalifaxNationwide and Lloyds to name a few.

Why this Loan?

Use Our Calculator To Compare Santander

Our bridging loan calculator will help you work out the costs involved in bridging finance through Santander as well as other banks and lenders. Simply input your interest rates, charges, and administration fees alongside your exit strategy.

If you would like to choose to pay your loan off in monthly instalments then you can see the interest rates and the monthly payments that are to be made. Many clients like to pay the loan off on completion, however, as long as you have a clear exit strategy the bridging loan lender will be comfortable lending.

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Santander Bridging Loan – Advantages

  • You can borrow from as little as £10,000 to £250 million
  • Available from both mainstream lenders and private investments
  • Short to long flexible repayment terms
  • Pay nothing until the exit date of the term
  • You may be able to refinance on exit if required
  • Credit checks not carried out in many cases
  • We can provide bridge loans for personal and commercial clients

Are Bridging Loans From Santander A Good Choice?

We would always advise that you enquire with us so that we are able to search the whole of the market for you and secure you’re the best and most cost-effective bridging loans available at the time.

Bridging loans from Santander can be restrictive on what rates you could get elsewhere therefore it’s best to use a broker for your loan requirements to access the best possible rates.

Santander bridging loans are a fantastic product and by all means, let us find their best rates for you however always enable us to discuss your case with other lenders. Some clients wish to contact Santander directly or use our contact form and we can speak to your local bridging expert.

How Can You Help Beyond Santander Bridging Loans?

If you find that a bridging loan from Santander is not suitable for your circumstances then we will be able to help. We deal with some of the most complex cases of which we sometimes have to source funding from private investment bridging lenders.

It has been said many times that if we are unable to help, then it is highly unlikely that other bridging loan companies can, including Santander.

What Can I Use My Bridging Loan For?

Bridging loans are great for unexpected purchases that you have not planned for, such as a house purchase. If you are currently waiting to sell your house and the home of your dreams comes available, a bridging loan can offer you access to a large short term cash fund for the ‘bridge’.

In most cases, the bridging loan is secured against your existing property so that the lender has security on the loan.

Other uses are auction finance and development loans. Many of our clients for both personal and commercial avenues come to us with a new project or development plan. First time home builders and established home builders alike use development loans to finance their projects.

Other commercial reasons for a bridging loan can be an unexpected bill such as Corporation Tax, VAT, asset purchases and growth plans.

Again, the lender requires security on their loan so you must be able to provide security with existing assets or on the new project or asset to be purchased. We have lenders both in the mainstream market and private investment market so we are sure to be able to find you a suitable solution.

Can I Get A Santander Bridging Loan Through You?

Yes absolutely. Not only can we discuss your loan with Santander, but we would also take all of the hard work out of the application.

Our expert team of bridging packagers will help you along the way with your bridging loan application. If at the stage of application you get rejected by the lender we can search our panel of over 200 UK lenders to get your bridging application paid out in super quick time. The quickest bridge we have done is around 42 hours (not through Santander Bank).

Our same day courier employees can get your documents personally delivered to your door, get signed and then bring them back to the office.

As well as our in-house legal team that only deals with bridging finance, you are sure to have your bridging loan paid out in quick time, but also with care, attention and the most professional service.