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RBS Bridging Loans Guide

As one of the largest and most storied banks in the world, the RBS Royal Bank of Scotland is a leading provider of private, commercial, and corporate banking services.

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How it works

Advantages of a RBS Bridging Loan

With a diverse clientele in and outside of the UK, the bank, now named NatWest Group, has answered the financial needs of millions of consumers and businesses with its suite of financial products.

Sadly, however, RBS bridging loans no longer exist in its portfolio. This is a shame since bridging loans are among the most in-demand products in today’s financial climate.

Unlike traditional mortgages, bridge financing has lax requirements for loan applications, speedy loan processing, flexible repayment schemes, and timely payouts.

To the millions who need urgent cash flow solutions to buy the property or pay their mortgage, bridging loans are secured loans that act as life support.

With RBS bridging loans no longer available to finance your property purchase, your wisest alternative would be to seek the assistance of bridging loan brokers like us to find the perfect financial solution.

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Disadvantages Of Using RBS For Bridging Finance

Whether you’re using a UK-based large bank other than RBS or us to finance the purchase of property, several benefits are redound to you.

Sure, the interest rates in bridging loans may appear to be higher than a traditional bridging mortgage. However, upon closer inspection, they’re really not.

Remember that RBS bridging loans are short term financing options, so it’s logical that you get higher monthly interest rates. Still, viewed in their entirety, you get lower borrowing costs from bridging finance loans.

Why this Loan?

Advantages of RBS Bridging Loans

While a great short term financing solution, getting a Royal Bank of Scotland bridging finance loan has drawbacks. UK bank policies and regulations make the loan application process tedious and loan requirements rather prohibitive.

You certainly can try getting bridging finance via RBS, but we recommend a more user-friendly solution: use an expert broker like us.

Loan Corp is an independent and whole-of-market UK-based finance broker. We don’t only select from a panel of lenders. Our wide access allows us to evaluate every single possible mortgage and source the best lender for you. You can even use our bridging loan calculator to see the repayments expected.

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Should I Contact RBS For Bridging Loans?

By all means, you should still enquire whether RBS bridging loans are available again. As of writing, they are not. Our recommendation is to seek the assistance of a credible UK bridging loan broker. Here at Loan Corp, determining the best bridging finance solution from lenders and securing one on your behalf is our forte.

With our expert team of 28 advisors, we know the bridging loan business from the inside and out. We are dedicated to sifting through our database of lenders to find the perfect match for you, comparing the best bridge loans on the market.

How Can You Help Beyond Royal Bank Of Scotland?

We can get fast and timely support for your cash flow issues. With over 200 partner lenders, we have the access and easy-going rapport to make your loan transactions hassle-free, even for difficult cases.

Our turnaround time in processing loan cases until the loan amount payout is as fast as 24 hours for the simplest cases – something virtually impossible for a bank to deliver.

Use Our RBS Bridging Loan Calculator

It’s always best to have an objective view of all your options to finance a property. Feel free to use our bridging loan calculator to compare our mortgage offers with the Royal Bank of Scotland and other large banks, or if you need to you can calculate development loans here.

To use the bridging loan calculator, enter the required information, including the bridging loan amount, property value, monthly interest rate, term required, and value of properties used as security.

We provide indicative rates for your bridging loans and repayment terms within 2 hours from the enquiry. The Financial Conduct Authority fully regulates our loans, and we are fully compliant with the Data Protection Act.

Do I Qualify For Bridging Finance Loans?

We have a quick and painless process in getting you that bridging loan. Qualifying for a bridge loan is not as tough as you think.

As long as you have the required collateral for the secured loans, you’ll almost likely get the payout to your bank account that you are looking for.

Can I Get An RBS Bridging Loan Through You?

Of course, you can! Just fill out our contact form here with your details, including your phone number and email address, and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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