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Lloyds Bank Bridging Loans Guide

Lloyds Bank bridging loans offer a lot of benefits and opportunities here in the UK. It provides faster financing to help you meet urgent goals. Bridging loans or bridging finance are made for fast and easy short-term financing that could take just a few weeks.

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How it works

Advantages of a Lloyds Bridging Loan

Lloyds over the years has provided bridging loans, commercial bridging loans and development finance alike. Lloyds Bank sometimes also offers these as bridge financing options for your immediate needs, suitability, and preferences.

Here at Loan Corp, we work with 200 of the UK’s bridging lenders and other high street banks to help you out with bridging finance. These both give you disadvantages and advantages when considering bridge financing and getting your ideal bridging loan service.

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You can borrow from as little as £50,000
Available from mainstream lenders to private investments
Short to long repayment terms available
Within 10 minutes we will call you to discuss your loan
Submit your information on our website
We aim to find you the best finance we can at the best rates possible

Disadvantages Of Using Lloyds For Bridging Finance

One main disadvantage of getting bank bridging loans with Lloyds is that you will only get the products that Lloyds bank sells. You may have other bridging loan options that you may think are attractive, but you can’t get them all quickly without adhering to Lloyds bank bridging loan terms and conditions.

However, this is not a failure of a bank bridging loan. You will see the numerous advantages that Lloyds bank bridging finance can give you, but you will certainly be better using a broker.

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Why this Loan?

Use Our Calculator To Compare To Lloyds

Feel free to use our bridging loan calculator and compare it to Lloyds Bank’s bridging loan calculator. Enter the necessary information, including your mobile phone or telephone number and bank account.

It will calculate some pertinent details like interest rates, credit history, arrangement fee, exit fee, monthly payment options, or even adjusted loan amount.

We can also help you get the best mortgage lender and deals suitable to your preferences and purpose for property bridging loans.

We will contact you three months before the completion of your bridging finance for an exit strategy arrangement.

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Lloyds Bank Bridging Loan – Advantages

  • Flexible repayment options are available based on your planned assets disposal and income
  • Affordable interest rates/bridging mortgage rates
  • Lending options are available interest and capital basis or on an interest-only
  • Short and long-term loan repayment term
  • Bridging finance is available from private investments and mainstream lenders
  • Securing many assets for the huge amount required is available
  • Experts carefully handle every lending request
  • Borrow funds from a minimum of £10,000 up to £250 million
  • Bank bridging loans are suitable for both commercial and personal clients

Should I Contact Lloyds Bank For My Bridging Loan?

Contacting Lloyds Bank for bridging loans is not mandatory. We definitely advise you in getting the best offers and options for your desired bridging loans with a broker.

Here at Loan Corp, we are a group of experts specialising in finance for bridging customers. We compare bridging loans to take the hassle out of our customer’s hands.

Our professionally licensed financial advisors work on a 24/7 basis to assist you with bridging financing and other loan services. We always make sure to give you the best offers as we search over 200 lenders based in the UK from private investment funds and mainstream lenders.

How Can You Help Beyond Bridging Loans At Lloyds Bank?

Having wide access to more than 200 lenders in the UK, we can quickly pass the easiest cases and give you the results you need within 24 hours, which you will likely struggle to get bank calls from many banks and other lenders.

We also handle even the most complex cases you can ever imagine possible. We are sure to give you the best results even in these hard and complex cases.

How Do I Get A Bridging Finance Loan?

Getting a bridging financing loan for your property or any asset is simple and easy. Fill in your details, including your telephone number, on our contact form here.

We will then check your information and give you the best lenders suitable to your preferences.

We will also contact you if we need further information and understanding of your situation. Upon doing this, we will connect to the most suitable lenders so we can give you an indicative term for your desired loans.

The indicative terms show the loan interest and such fees as valuation and other legal fees. After you check it and are happy with the results, we will submit them to our underwriting team.

If accepted, we will then process your loan application. We will gather all your documents and submit them to the lender for final approval. A solicitor checks over the case.

Once happy, your loan will be approved. Payout is released on an agreed date.

Can I Get A Lloyds Bridge Financing Solution Through You?

Absolutely, yes! We are master brokers in the UK. You can get a similar Lloyds bridge financing, business loans or any other desired service through us.

Our in-house legal team exclusively deals with bridging loans. The team will also take care of your same-day couriers for signing time-sensitive documents.

Typical Uses Of Bridging Loans

  • Property renovation
  • Auction finance new build development projects like student accommodation or office conversions
  • Commercial bridging loans or property transactions
  • Residential property transactions

When To Apply For Bridging Loans

  • Buying a property at auction
  • Building a house
  • Property refurbishment for investment reasons
  • Securing a property quickly in the UK or abroad
  • Renovating or converting unmortgageable property
  • Paying off that existing bridging mortgage through downsizing

Main Types Of Bridging Loans

  • Regulated
  • Non-regulated
  • Commercial

Seek The Assistance Of A Broker

Getting your bridging loans at Lloyds bank or any other lender is never a problem here at Loan Corp. We will always ensure that you get the best loans, deals, and rates at the soonest possible time.

We will also give you the most convenient options for repayment and other conditions.

Contact us now and get the best value for your bridging loans and other options we offer.