Development Loans and Finance

Development loans and finance is available to finance your next big development project. We work with both personal and commercial development projects around the UK. Whether you are looking to build a new building or convert an existing property or barn conversion, we are sure to be able to help.

From property development finance to commercial land for regeneration and development, we have access to the largest panel of lenders, acting as your broker to source you the very best deals.

Development finance for UK land and property developments

We can offer development bridging finance for new and upcoming developers as well as established developers. We work with many first time builders who purchase land to build on and then sold on for profit. We can source the lowest rates for your next project whether you are a seasoned developer or someone who is wanting to build their own home.

In most cases, the most that we will be able to secure you a development loan for would usually be around 50-75% of the total purchase price. Planning applications would be required in place already for your bridging finance. In cases where you wish to borrow 100% of the development value, you must ensure that the Gross Development Value or GDV is around 65%.

For your development, we can offer monthly payments or in most cases, pay the full balance by an exit sale or refinancing. Terms can range from 3 months to 18 months dependent on the lender that we can secure your development bridging loan with.

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    What is development finance?

    Development finance is available for a range of developing requirements such as:

    • New builds
    • Residential property development
    • Commercial and semi-commercial development
    • Conversions, renovations and refurbishments
    • Development exiting or refinancing
    • Regulated development finance (This is rare as 97% is unregulated)
    • Mezzanine finance

    Development finance is used to purchase land and build costs together. You can finance up to 75% of the land cost and 100% of the build cost given that the loan required doesn’t exceed 75% of the total development value.

    Development Loans: Criteria required for UK lenders

    When taking out a development finance loan there are some important things to think about before applying for your finance with us.

    Some of the criteria and benefits for development finance loans are:

    1. Loans from £10,000 to £250 million in value can apply.
    2. No upfront fees to pay on the application of your loan
    3. You can secure the loan on other properties and assets
    4. You can pay the loan back early with no additional fees
    5. Funds can be released to you within 48 hours of applying
    6. You don’t require any previous development knowledge
    7. Various options available for repayment
    8. You can also purchase land if required

    The timescale of getting a development bridging loan paid out is on average 2-3 weeks from the application with The Bridging Loan Company, however, we have paid out before within 48 hours of our client applying for the loan. Some clients purchase land or property at auction so require finance for their development quickly upon winning a lot at auction.

    It is important to use a master packager as we have access to solicitors who are experts in processing these types of specialist finance products. The solicitor stage is usually the most time-consuming aspect of a bridging loan so by using our expert solicitors you can be assured it will be as quick and efficient as possible.

    Devlopment loans UK and Overseas

    By using The Bridging Loan Experts for your development finance you can be assured that we will source the best lender in the UK. Whether you have just passed planning or ready to start with your project, get in touch today to discuss your options. We can provide you with a full written indicative quotation within an hour of enquiring.

    Many of our clients that we place funding for require finance to finish off a project such as property development or barn conversion. Most are for the full project but sometimes cash can run out and a bridging finance loan can bridge the gap to speed up completion.

    Some examples of development finance loans:

    • Land purchases and finance
    • Building a property from scratch
    • Land or property purchase at auction
    • Apartment and flat development
    • Small, medium and large homes
    • To complete an existing build
    • Quick access to cash

    Benefits of using Loan Corp:

    • We are master UK bridging loan experts
    • We have a team of 28 bridging staff
    • We can finance up to £250 million
    • 100% funding available
    • No upfront fees to pay, ever!
    • We access over 200 UK lenders
    • We put our customers first, always.

    Contact our dedicated development loan team now to see how we can help.

    Get the best Property Development financing Loans

    We have long standing relationships with leading UK lenders, from the largest banks to private investors. We have director-level relationships with most of our lenders in our network of over 200 lenders so you can be sure to get the best property development finance loans as well as commercial lending requirements.

    We understand that you want a fast decision with the best rates possible so we work in super quick time to get you a quote over, usually within an hour of discussing your requirements. Much of our loans for developers are bespoke where no solution fits all therefore our team of 28 specialist staff will help you with any complications you may have. We are always on hand to offer our financial advice if required.

    100% LTV Development Finance

    Development finance is usually around 70% bridging loan and 30% deposit however in many cases we can offer 100% development finance. There are various ways that we can do this, mainly with a clear exit and evidence of security on exit. Also you may secure the development on other assets you have such as property, cars, and other valuable assets.

    In cases where the profits on sale are clearly evident, this can help secure 100% finance for the developer. This option is usually for developers that have a track record in their field such as home builders. If you are unsure if you can get 100% development finance please contact us to discuss your case.

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